Global PPC Advertising Market Expected To Reach Highest CAGR By 2025

Digital marketing has a variety of options available for advertising. Some of the more popular platforms for advertising are social media and search engines.

SEO is a technique that plays a major role in growing the awareness of a brand’s digital presence.

Then, there is PPC advertising, native advertising, affiliate marketing and video marketing as well.

A form of advertising that has been growing steadily and is likely to move to greater heights is Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

As per a recent trade report, the PPC advertising market is expected to reach a new high in CAGR by the year 2025.

The key players in the field include Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and as the major players and many other smaller ones that are on a growth path, such as Baidu, DuckDuckGo, WolframAlpha and Sogou.


What is pay-per-click advertising?

Under PPC advertising, the advertisers are required to pay the host a fee each time a user clicks on their advertisement.

The organic traffic to the websites gets a boost through its purchased counterparts, and the chances of conversion increase with the same.

PPC is most popular on search engines, where the advertisers can bid for the best placement of their advertisement when their specific keywords are a part of the users’ search query. The keywords, hence, play a key role in the success of this kind of advertising.


How does PPC work for the advertiser?

When a user enters a query using the keyword in the content, the link of the advertiser appears as the top results. When the user clicks on the link, he is directed to the advertiser’s website.

For each such click, the advertiser pays the host a fee. The fee is worth every genuine visitor as it can lead to some good business opportunities.

It is not always that a visit turns into a lead and finally into business, hence it is important to plan your marketing budget wisely.


What are the important elements of a PPC campaign?

To get the best results from the campaign, the most important step is keyword research. You can do it yourself, or you can take help from a good digital marketing agency that offers PPC services.

The next step is to create a campaign using these and optimise them for conversions. Good campaigns that produce relevant results for the users attract a lower fee from search engines as a reward.

There are several PPC advertising systems in the world, and Google Ads happens to be the strongest of them all. You can use a system of your choice to create PPC ads or trust your agency to do it for you.

It is important to keep in mind the factors of keyword relevance, quality of landing pages and originality of your creative content. These play a major role in assessing the strength of your advertisement.


What are the features of good keywords?

Since this is the basic requirement of PPC advertising, a lot of care should be taken when deciding the right keywords to help your audiences find you.

The keywords can keep changing, and hence the research must be ongoing, too. The factors that your keywords need to satisfy include:

  • Relevance: Relevance for your consumers and your business
  • Exhaustiveness: Include short-tail and long-tail keywords. Do not limit yourself to popular ones.
  • Expansiveness: Keep adding more keywords to your repertoire.

Choose the best digital marketing agency and rely on them to find the best keywords for you and run the campaign to include them in the most productive manner.


What are the best mantras for managing PPC campaigns?

Keep it continuous. That is one of the most important activities to ensure that your campaign remains effective.

Keep modifying and developing the campaign but avoid letting it go out of circulation. Analyse your activity and use the results to maintain or update your campaign as and when required. The following are important for a campaign to be successful:

  • Continue adding keywords
  • Do not miss out on negative keywords
  • Review keywords and remove the non-performing or expensive keywords
  • Create ad groups to target a larger number of landing pages
  • Work on landing pages to make them relevant for specific queries.

PPC is going to see a boom, and you would not want to miss out on the impact it can have on your business. Now is the right time to get to work with your digital marketing agency and make the most of the opportunity.

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