The majority of homeschool curriculums are setup in the same way by including the core subjects and elective options once the higher grades are reached. It is important to find accredited online homeschools to ensure that the classes and credits are given the consideration they need when it comes to college/university transcript review. This designation also assists in scholarships for sports and academics because the accreditation is recognized throughout the educational community.

What is important to remember is that there are skills that need to be taught and learned outside of reading, writing and math and are not directly taught through any subject. Traditional students can learn these skills as well but the homeschooling format produces an environment that allows kids to develop them at a younger age and have them fine-tuned by the time they reach high school and graduate. This is one of the reasons that colleges prefer to accept homeschoolers and employers have a positive outlook on these applicants when they meet expectations. What are these skills? They include time management, self-discipline, self-motivation, organization and independence. The last skill should be a gradual development as children get older and mature with the development of the other skills because they gain confidence in their abilities and are willing to take more responsibility for their actions instead of having to be monitored by mom and dad all the time.

Students who find accredited online homeschools are provided a set list of courses and assignments to be completed by the established end date. As an elementary student, parents can set up a schedule to help keep them on task but as the child matures into middle and high school, they have the ability to manage their own time and schedule. This flexibility allows them to participate in competitive sports, get a job or take part in other activities while still keeping up with their work and responsibilities. Time management is an excellent skill for college where studying can take up more time than the classroom and, in the workforce where tasks must be completed in a shift. Managers appreciate an employee who doesn’t have to be watched all the time because they are able to get the work done in a timely manner and on their own.

This skill corresponds with a couple others like self-discipline and self-motivation which help produce independence. Parents can tell students to complete their work by making them sit at the kitchen table to work on the computer or establish consequences if they fall behind. However, students who want to succeed will develop a desire, over time, to get the work done and do it well because they know it will affect their future. This means completing work in a timely manner, earning good grades through quality work and being their own motivation to move through the process. Parents play an important role in this as encouragers, supporters and helping younger students develop positive habits early on so they know what this pattern looks like and can keep it going as they get older. The best online homeschools also encourage the development of these skills through certified teachers who keep the student on task, variety of resources connected to the classroom to get the work done and a comprehensive curriculum that is laid out in a logical way to build on concepts and prior learning.

Organization is not a habit that comes naturally for most kids but it can be developed over time through parent encouragement and setting the standard. This includes creating a workable schedule, understanding the best time of day to work certain subjects, having a central place to keep all school-related items, etc.  For each family this will look a little different when you find accredited online homeschools because they can be adapted to work according to the family’s lifestyle and needs. It is also important to remember that each student will have their own unique style and way of developing these skills to fit their personality and way of doing things.

It is necessary to give children a quality education which means researching and finding the best online homeschool platform that aligns with the curriculum and foundation you want your children to learn. In addition to raising smart and intelligent students, the skills listed above are valuable habits and characteristics they need as adults. Each of these will help them succeed in their education but also as they move into college and the workforce where the focus is more about maturity and contribution than being able to remember math facts and history dates. Give your child a chance to have both by enrolling them in a quality online homeschool program that encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, memorization, essay writing and character development which is above and beyond what is in the textbook.