If you are new to the idea of compounding pharmacy, this article will throw some light in this respective area. Compounding pharmacy refers to those drugs that are prescribed by doctors for specific patients with a need. The unique point to mention here is the fact that it acts as a replacement to those drugs that are not commercially available to the consumers. For example, a patient needs a liquid dose of a drug but it is only available in tablet form, in this case of dichotomy, the compounding pharmacy ensures to build the required drugs in appropriate form and dosage. It is considered as an ideal solution to cater to drug shortage issues. It is a common scenario to observe when some drugs are found missing in the medical stores for a short term; in such cases to handle the situation you need to resort to compounding pharmacy.

Who Ensures The Pharmacy Compounding Drugs Is Safe: 

The state mostly regulates the pharmacies, but FDA is responsible in the regulation of drug manufacturers. There are three main government agencies that supervise and regulate compounding pharmacies, which are as follows:

  • State boards of pharmacy ensure that pharmacies follow state regulations for pharmacy practice.
  • The FDA regulates “the integrity of the drugs” and the active pharmaceutical ingredients from which they are made.
  • The Drug Enforcement Administration regulates compounding pharmacies’ handling of controlled substances.
  • The independent Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) offers its official seal of approval to pharmacies that voluntarily pass strict inspections and other rigid requirements.

Compounding Pharmacy is a drug manufacturer that customizes the drugs as per the requirement of the consumers. The advent of technology and ground-breaking techniques has been able to create a differentiation in the market. The medicines are composed on the basis of patient’s medical prescription from a certified doctor.

Four Vital Advantages Of Compounding Pharmacy:

  • Easy Access to Discontinued Medications: Many of us may have had this experience when your regularly consumed medicine becomes unavailable in all over-the-counter medicine shops at the same time. This is primarily because the drug manufacturers decide to stop producing certain drugs for a certain period of time. These are the times when compounding pharmacy comes to help. They compose medicines similar in form and composition to meet the deficit demand. They prepare the drugs using premium quality pharmaceutical ingredients based on the doctor’s prescription, latest research, quality control process and techniques to meet the necessity of the patient. 
  • Compounding Medication For Diabetic Patients:    Diabetics is a health condition that is controlled through regular administration of drugs and lifestyle modifications. Diabetics come with various ancillary complications too that needs attention and proper medication. The absence of medicines or discontinuity in its supply can increase the risk factors. So, pharmacy compounding ensures to cater to the special need of the patients, and reduce the risk of complications through other medicines. It is important to note that a pharmacist should be well qualified and licensed practitioner, who can handle patients with diabetics with no hassle. 
  • Makes Medicines Allergy –Friendly:  Sometimes the commercial medicines contain certain ingredients with preservatives or fillers that can cause trouble or adverse reactions in patients. Some patients are highly sensitive or intolerant to certain ingredients in the medicines that can trigger into allergies,  like some patients are intolerant to dyes, lactose, gluten or alcohol. The pharmacist compounding enables to check the ingredients and aims to offer the right treatment despite eliminating certain ingredients that can cause allergies. 
  • Alternative Dosage Forms Offered By Them:  The dosage forms of medicine vary from patient to patient. Some may find having tablets more convenient, while others may find it difficult to swallow. The pharmacist will customize the dosage forms as capsules, liquid, gels, or topical as per the need of the patient. The medication can be compounded by a pharmacist to suit the dosage form preferred by the patient. 

Final Thought 

Pharmacy compounding is the best way to customize the dosage form of the medicine by prioritizing the needs of the patient. It is a major boon in times of crisis to meet the demand in the market. They are there to serve people by eliminating side-effects.