When it comes to the safety of your kids, leave nothing to chance. Kids are very vulnerable to predators because they trust almost everyone. So, it’s upon you as the parent to ensure you give them the right information to ensure their safety in public places.

Here are five things you need to teach your kids to help them stay safe in public places.

Teach them not to go with anyone

Let your children know that it is wrong to agree to go with anyone who asks them to do so. Most criminals who target children often ask them to go with them somewhere, promising them some goodies. An unsuspecting child will go with the stranger and often end up in the wrong hands.

So, teach your kids that before they go with anyone, they must seek permission from you. It doesn’t matter whether or not the person is a close relative. And it also doesn’t matter whether or not the person is a close family friend.

Most extended family members or close family friends have assisted in the abduction of children. So, your children should be wary of anyone who’s not an immediate family member. They should not even agree to go anywhere with the house-help without your knowledge.

Teach them about tricky persons

Strangers with bad intentions have several ways of tricking children. They know what they can use to make children feel they are genuine and mean no harm. That’s why dealing with such people is confusing to many kids.

Take charge and let your children know that most people are good, but others don’t mean well.

Some leading tricks used by predators include offering them a ride, engaging them with questions, offering them money, sweets, or candies, and using animals such as dogs to entice them.

Teach your children to recognize these tricks so they can decline such offers. Also, teach them not to entertain strangers, asking to know more about your family.

Make your children the “bosses” of their bodies

Teach your children not to allow anyone to touch their bodies inappropriately, even if they feel like they like it. Some adults like touching children improperly for their self-pleasure and these usually lead to rape cases. Teach your children that their bodies are private and are not meant to be touched anyhow by anyone.

When your child has an appointment with a doctor for physical examination, accompany him/her and let the doctor explain what the physical examination entails. Protecting your child from predators also involves letting them know that even doctors should not go beyond their professional limits.

Teach your children how to act in scary situations

The level of insecurity depends on where you live or the places your children are likely to visit. So, you need to come up with steps for your children to take whenever they face a scary situation, like when someone is trying to force them to do something or grab them by force.

The first step would be for them to shout “NO,” so everyone around can hear. The next step would be to run away to a nearby trusted adult like a mom with kids or a security officer. And in case a stranger grabs them forcefully, tell them it is okay to scream at the top of their voices.

Safe people and safe places

Your children may face a situation in which they need to ask for help in your absence. Since you’ve taught them that not all strangers are bad, teach them to identify strangers who can be of assistance. As mentioned above, security officers and moms with kids are likely to be the safest bets.

Also, while out in a public place like a park, let them stay in safe sports in the park. They should not move to the park’s lonely parts, but always try to remain where other children and adults are.

Final words

It is painful for a parent to lose a child. That why you need to follow the above tips to ensure your child is safe. Let your children know that their security will be in their hands when they are alone, so they need to behave responsibly. It may also be helpful to teach your children martial arts and other skills to instill discipline in them and also to help them survive in stressful situations. The earlier you teach them these skills, the better.