Planning your wedding is usually easiest when you pick something you and your spouse-to-be love. For example, if you are Star Wars fans, then a theme wedding with costumes might be exactly what you want to create a memorable day. Nuptials do not have to include everything traditional unless you are the classic wedding type. You can create a beach theme and style the entire wedding around it. Regardless of what theme you want to do for your wedding, there are a variety of sources you can pull from to create the right aesthetic you’re looking for.


What colors do you want to use for your wedding? Often couples will pick a centerpiece and work through the decorations from there. For example, after selecting the flower arrangement or decoration for the couples’ table, then it is easy to pick out the centerpieces for the rest of the wedding party and guest tables. Then, you can choose what you want, where you say your vows, and how you want to decorate for the reception. You can look to a variety of sources for color inspirations including nature, your own interior decor, or even fashion that you see on the street.

Reception Location

Sometimes, the best way to choose how to plan a wedding is to use the venue to give you inspiration. For instance, a wedding ballroom might spark ideas for invitations with dance themes. If you are getting married in a tropical setting, then inspiration planning might include luau foods, outdoor nuptials, and wicker furniture. For mountain destinations, then cozy fires, rich colors, and comfort food might work the best.


When you are lost, the Internet can be a valuable source of inspiration. The hard part of web searching is narrowing down the thousands of ideas you will find. Filtering through the mess might mean picking your favorite colors, themes, and destinations from the group. This might take a few hours of research, but various sites offer a wide array of wedding ideas and themes that you can use as a jumping off point.


The outdoors is a magnificent source of ideas. You can choose a cabin in the woods theme, Sonoma Valley wine design, hiking, or lakeside decor for your wedding planning. From a particular flower to a specific location, nature provides many magnificent inspirations for marriage.


Create a theme from the dinner you are serving guests at the reception. For example, if you are serving Greek food, then a wedding with lots of ivy and olive branches may be what you want. Other inspirational foods might include Germany, France, or Japan. Using the country of origin for your favorite meal can give guests a unique treat to a theme wedding with kimonos, fire-eating dragons, and black and red colors. If the meal and theme tie into your own culture, this is an even better option.

Marrying your best friend does not mean going crazy doing it. Finding ideas for a wedding can be as simple as choosing each of your favorite things. You can use flowers, places, people, foods, occupations, and hobbies as places to start.