When planning for your wedding, it is essential to keep track of the little things that can wow the day. We are all human, and even the best wedding planners can overlook some items. Your wedding day is among your most special days, and you don’t want anything to go wrong. To have a successful day, you should have a variety of items. Below are some of them.


When choosing flowers, consider the price, color of the flowers, and the bouquet’s size. Purchase flowers for both the bride and bridesmaids. The groom, bride’s mother, and groomsmen should have boutonnieres and corsages.
In the reception, there should be a centerpiece for decoration. At most weddings, the bride throws a fresh bouquet at the end of the reception. If you have such plans, decide whether you want to throw the one you used or you will have another one.


You should ensure the garden, hall, and church all have adequate furniture for the guests. If you are planning to wed in a hall or outdoors, you might want to hire seats. If it is a long day ceremony, so you might include cushions. Metal chairs should be avoided if you will be wedding outside as they can get boiling under the sun.
Decorate the back of the chairs or pews. Flowers, string ribbons or tulle can all be used in decorations. If the bride and broom will have a stage where they are expected to kneel, include cushions.


You have to decide whether you want the official wedding portraits shot after or before the ceremony. Inform the photographer whether you want candid or casual pictures before and during the reception. Do your research for which will be the right one for you. For example, a quick Google search like “Houston wedding photographers” will be able to help narrow down your choices. If you would like a video, let the photographer know in advance.


It would be best if you had different cars for transporting different people. The bride’s car will transport the bride, and the family then take the groom and bride to their honeymoon. You can as well have other options as per your preference. Also, the bridesmaids’ car transports her, the flower girls and bridesmaids. The grooms’ car will transport the groom and groomsmen before the ceremony. All cars should have a car ribbon sourced online or from bridal shops.

VIP Section

Some significant persons will attend your wedding. You can plan a special VIP section for them to sit comfortably during and after the wedding. The priest or officiant, the wedding planners, organizers, and essential guests fall in this category. Please treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve. Don’t forget to pick a god master of ceremony.

Bridal Bag

Carry a small bag that contains extras in case of anything. Let someone who will be around the whole day carry the bag discreetly. The bag could carry the phone, hairspray, needle and thread, white chalk, wet wipes, and extra makeup.


The bride and groom should be neatly dressed. The groomsmen and bridesmaids should dress uniformly, but you can change the decision depending on your preference. For a lady, you already know that your dress should look elegant. It is a dream for most ladies. Hire a makeup and hair professional who will style your hair and that of your bridesmaids. Remember to wear earrings, necklaces and a garter.


The cake, being the centerpiece of the reception, needs to be enticing. It would be best to decide whether you want it in one flavor or different flavors on each tier. Also, have the knives ready and easily accessible once it’s time to cut the cake.


Pick out a reception venue and make sure everything is well arranged. Decorate the tables and chairs with flowers, covers, or artfully arranged stones. It is in the reception where there will be music. You can hire a DJ, band, or use your music and make up a playlist of your choice. Place cards so that guests can fund their seats quickly.

Other Things

The wedding should have to wish well cards where the guests will place cards or money. The wedding rings should remain in their original boxes to avoid smudges. There abound to be a ring cushion fora the ring bearer and page boy. You must ensure that everything is put in place before the wedding day.
To pull off an unforgettable reception and wedding ceremony, you need to have a variety of things. Above are just a few. Proper planning is essential for any wedding to be successful.