Crop top fashion started in the 1940s during World War II when women began to conserve the fabrics. However, it has become a high fashion statement after almost 80 years past its invention with time. Crop tops turning mainstream in fashion is primarily driven by its casual and formal hybrid arrangements. It can match up with varieties of bottom wears like skirts, shorts, and trousers, and the best part of wearing a crop top is its non-confinement to age. 

Let’s discuss the reasons behind the popularity of crop tops-

Make women look gorgeous: A crop top makes a woman look elegant and attractive with her waist exposed. In crop top, women can flaunt their flawless bodies and look more appealing. It gives a stunning, trendy modern look that will turn heads around no matter what place you wear it at.

Selfness: Whether you are slim or plus size, any sized women can carry the crop top fashionably. With this clothing piece, women show their sense of fashion and style. Actress Mindy Kaling once wore a crop top with a high waist skirt, and people called her courageous as she is not a size zero personality. Yet, she was looking stunning in her outfit.

To impress: Every woman wants others’ attention, so a crop top is the best outfit to impress her loving ones. It gives a trendy, modern look to your wardrobe. So get ready in your crop top for a memorable date. 

Show off the hard work at the gym: Almost all women are so conscious about their health these days and do hard work to keep their body firm and toned. Hence, there is no option better than a crop top to flaunt your toned body and impress others. And as discussed before, even if you don’t have a toned body, you can still carry a crop top gracefully, keeping some ideal dressing points in mind. 

Separate from Stereotype: Many people consider a crop top as only for teenage girls, but that’s history. Nowadays, women are confident to wear the crop top at any age. It is unnecessary to show off your belly; you can carry the crop top with a high waist skirt or trouser.

Comfortable: We can’t deny that top crop popularity in women’s clothing goes up with each passing day. From streetwear to the red carpet, every woman wants to carry a crop top because of its comforts and modern look. Many times, actresses are spotted in crop tops as they are not only comfortable but trendy.

Indo-Western Fusion: Crop top can be called Indo-western fusion too as women love to try heavy beaded traditional crop tops with shorts and skirts. The same way many women are carrying a knotted crop shirt with a lehenga or long skirt. Fusion has enhanced the crop top styling to the next level.

Types of Crop Tops: Because of its trendy and stylish look, designers have done so many experiments to upgrade the popularity to the next level. With the various custom crop top designs, it’s easy for you to select the crop top styling as per your body shape and requirement. There are too many trending crop tops available, including:

Ruffle sleeve crop top

Knit crop top

Off-shoulder crop top

Choker crop top 

Tie crop top

Henley crop top 

Points that you can consider at the time of purchase of a crop top:

Body Shape: The purpose of a crop top is to look stunning at the midriff area but if your body is not in perfect shape, then go for a little low length.

Fabric: Don’t buy light or sloppy fabric crop top as it doesn’t fit well on the body and kill the complete look of a crop top. We recommend you go for a little heavier fabric to have a great fit.

Body Posture: If you are the one who bends their shoulders while walking, then it is highly recommended to you to straighten up your shoulder to make your upper half look beautiful.

A crop top for women is a short top that takes less space and is easy to carry. You can pair it with formal and casual looks and look sassy no matter where you are heading to wearing this stunning garment. The popularity of crop tops is gone so high because Indian cholis and blouses are also getting replaced with crop tops. Women are using them with lehenga, saree, and western wear also as a crop top is pocket friendly and trendy.

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