Once an English Bulldog owner, you will always be an English Bulldog owner. They have a face that only a mother could love, but their personalities and demeanor more than make up for it. All joking aside, this is truly one of the best breeds that you can purchase, especially if you have a family.

English bulldogs are loving, loyal, and friendly. What they are not, however, is cheap. A well-bred English Bulldog will easily cost you north of $3000. They are well worth the price however and if you cannot afford them, you can always finance one. Yes, you really can finance a dog, check it out. Before you sign the papers on that loan contract though, look at just why you are paying so much.

Bulldogs Are Hard to Breed

This is the main reason for the high cost of English Bulldogs, they are just hard to breed. Have you seen the size of that head? There is no way they are coming out naturally, and that means Cesarean sections are required. This adds considerably to the birthing costs, and the breeder will pass these costs on to you.

Another problem is the breeding itself. English Bulldogs have an interesting shape, and it does not always allow the dog to easily mate. It is easier and much more successful for a breeder to have them artificially inseminated. Guess what? That costs money too and your breeder will tack these costs onto the purchase price.

Because of the breeding challenges, these are some of the most expensive dogs to breed. Add to that the cost of veterinary checkups during pregnancy and initial puppy vaccinations and you can see why the cost can get quite high.

Bulldogs Are in Demand

Another problem, that we are seeing much more of these days, is a lack of supply.

Working from home has become the new normal for many occupations. This means that more people can take on the responsibility of pet ownership. With more potential puppy owners looking for Bulldogs, the demand has gone up.

While demand can increase quickly, supply takes much longer to increase. When demand is high and supply stays low, prices will soar. This is true with any product and pets are no exception.

Cheap Bulldogs

So, you want an English Bulldog, but you do not want to pay the huge prices. You might be tempted to look for a cheap breeder, one offering their puppies for much less. This is a huge mistake, and you will regret it. Here is why.

The best-case scenario is that you find a breeder who has cut corners. They are not screening their dogs and they know very little about breeding these animals. Buying one of these puppies would put you at a much higher risk of having an animal with genetic health issues, potentially very expensive health issues.

A more likely outcome however is that you will get scammed. Puppy scams are incredibly common. Con artists know that people are desperate for companions right now and they offer their pets for a much cheaper price. Usually, they will ask you to wire them money to secure a pet, because wire transfers are irreversible. They get their money and promise to ship you your puppy, often with them asking you to wire them more money to pay for a pet transport service. They get all your money, but your pet will never arrive.

Rescue Groups Are an Alternative

If you want an English Bulldog but cannot afford to pay the high entry price, you do have one alternative. Bulldog rescues can get you a great pet for a fraction of the price of buying from a breeder.

The main catch is that you will be hard-pressed to find a puppy. People just do not turn over puppies to rescue. They are generally older dogs that need to be re-homed. This is not a bad thing though. If you had your heart set on a puppy, look at the bright side. Your rescue pet will likely be fixed, house trained, and you will be doing a wonderful thing for a dog in need. Good karma is headed your way.

Also, keep in mind that rescues are not free and do not hand their animals over to just anybody. You will be screened, and you will have to pay an adoption fee. Rescues want to make sure that their animals end up in good homes and that they will not be back in the foster system a few months down the line.

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