Robotic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery. Your surgeon will work with the help of a computer-controlled robot which increases their level of dexterity making it possible to operate in small spaces within the body. Working with a robot may reduce the need for open surgery. The incisions are smaller and the recovery time can be a lot faster. Look for the best Napa, CA advanced robotic and laparoscopic surgeon for an increase in vision, flexibility, and precision during surgery. The following are a few reasons why robotic surgery may be a good idea.

1.                  Surgeons Get a Better View

The robotic system gives your surgeon a high definition 3D view. They get a much better view than with conventional surgery. The proper view improves their accuracy and precision hence contributing to a faster recovery period and easier surgery.

2.                  Precision

Robotic surgery can improve the precision of your surgeon significantly. The system uses robotic arms that the surgeon can control. The arms can bend, rotate, and move with very high dexterity. Each arm can hold operating instruments which makes it possible to work in very small spaces without the need for invasive operation. Unlike human arms, the robotic arms are not subject to small tremors.

3.                  Quicker Recovery

Robotic surgery promotes fast recovery because it is less invasive. Your surgeon will make smaller incisions and there will be minimal blood loss. There is generally less recovery needed than with traditional surgeons. The incisions are unlikely to leave big scars because they are small.

4.                  Minimal Chance of Infection

Robotic surgery poses a smaller risk of infection than traditional surgeries. With conventional surgery procedures, there is always a risk of infection. The risk may be even greater when your surgeon needs to work on large body parts, and they need to be exposed for a long time. Robotic surgery requires smaller incisions and, therefore, reduces the risk of infection.

5.                  It Is Less Invasive

Traditional surgery typically requires the use of large incisions to reach some parts of the body. Robotic surgery can eliminate the need for open surgery. The incisions are a lot smaller and less risky. It can be great for use in risky surgeries and parts that are difficult to reach. The robotic system maneuvers through different parts of the body a lot better than human hands.

6.                  Less Blood Loss and Pain

With robotic surgery, the risk of excessive pain or blood loss is minimal. You will experience very little pain during and after the procedure because it uses small incisions. You may also need less medication during the recovery process which reduces the risk of addiction. The risk of blood loss is minimal and most patients can avoid the need for blood transfusions.

Robotic surgery has lots of benefits and it may be a good idea when you wish to improve the precision and view of your surgeon. Surgical robots have completely transformed the way surgeons operate because of their benefits. If you think that you can benefit from them, get the opinion of your surgeon.

John H. Kirk, MD, is board-certified in obstetrics and gynecology, and brings considerable training to his three practice locations in Napa, St. Helena, and Hidden Valley Lake, California. He approaches all of his patients with the common goal of restoring optimal health.

John H. Kirk, MD, is part of the Adventist Health physician network, and he specializes in all aspects of women’s care – from pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. He focuses on the whole woman, using respect and diligent communication to assess any problems and offer the best options available.