Your teenager finally has his or her license. On the one hand, you’re relieved that you won’t have to cart him or her around any longer. On the other hand, however, your parenting instincts swing into full gear making you slightly worried. How can you ensure their safety when you’re not with him or her? Well, technically you can’t, but having the right car can certainly help. So what should you look for when purchasing a vehicle for your teen? What kinds of cars are perfect for a new teen driver on the road?

What You Should Look For


Vehicle safety is of the utmost importance. You’ll want the car to have at least 6 airbags and good crash-test results. Make sure the doors all lock properly. Anti-lock brakes are also a must-have safety feature. If the vehicle has a forward collision warning system and backup camera, that will increase the vehicle’s level of safety as well.


While for safety purposes you probably don’t want the cheapest thing on the market, you might also want to avoid the most expensive as well. Keep in mind that your teenager is new to driving. Additionally, even if he or she is a safe driver, it doesn’t necessarily mean everyone else is. Accidents happen, so don’t fork out too much money just to get your teen a fancy ride.

Fuel Economy

Whether your teen will be paying for his or her own gas or you will, it’s important to keep fuel economy in mind. The last thing you need is for your teen’s car to guzzle so much gas that keeping the vehicle on the road costs an arm and a leg.


Even if you’re purchasing a used car for your teenager, reliability is still so important. Check out Consumer Reports and other ratings when searching for a reliable, long-lasting vehicle.

Top Picks

  1. Honda Accord LX

Honda has a loyal following for numerous reasons from safety to reliability. This midsize vehicle has impression gas mileage as well as a number of safety features.

  1. Hyundai Sonata SE

The Sonata is equipped with 7 airbags, and according to the Consumer Reports grading its reliability is 29% above average.

  1. Volkswagen Jetta

The most affordable option, the Jetta has a fuel efficient 4-cylinder engine with great safety features. It also has an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ designation.

  1. Mazda 6

Not only does this car look great on the road, it certainly isn’t lacking in the safety department. It’s equipped with front side air bags, side curtain airbags, active head restraints, and a rear view camera. Everything combined makes this the most expensive option.

  1. Toyota Camry LE

Like Honda, Toyota Camry is a go-to car for many families. While slightly more expensive than some of the other options, this car is known for its reliability and is equipped with 10 air bags.

A Note on Safety

According to car accident attorneys in Milwaukee at Gruber Law Offices, there are many different types of car accidents and many causes as well – distracted driving being one of the most common. Make sure your teen understands the rules of the road and how important their focus is while driving.