Are you planning to purchase a diamond engagement ring for your bride to be? Princess cut engagement rings suit you best with their sparkle and attractiveness. The love of your life will wear the diamond ring for years while it still looks new and elegant just as you bought it.

Information about the 4Cs; color, clarity, cut, and carat weight is vital in purchasing engagement rings. Also, you need to be aware of diamond cut and shape, types of setting, and metal characteristics.

The tips below will help you choose and buy a perfect engagement ring for the love of your life;

Understand the 4Cs

The 4Cs are the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. 4Cs help you evaluate the quality of the diamonds and make comparisons. Through that, you can eliminate those rings that cannot meet your standards. That way, you can put your focus on those that will thrill your bride.

·         Cut. The diamond’s cut quality makes it unleash its light perfectly.

·         Color. Diamond engagement rings have color grades that determine their appearance.

·         Clarity. It is the absence of blemishes and inclusions in diamond rings.

·         Carat weight. It refers to the diamond’s size.

Know the different diamond cut styles, shapes, and cut quality

·         The diamond shape shows its outline when you view it face up. Many people know the round shape. However, others include oval, rectangle, heart, square, pear, and marquise.

·         Diamond cutting style is the arrangement of diamond facets. The standard brilliant cutting style is the most popular for round diamonds.

·         Cut quality is the interaction of diamond facets with light.

Select a metal for your band

The overall appearance of the engagement ring depends on the metal type you choose. The most common include platinum and white gold. Your budget will also determine the type of metal you choose for your band. For instance, white platinum looks like silver, but it is significantly expensive. That’s because of its absolute density, and it’s also rare.

Decide on the setting.

Experts put in place the diamond of an engagement ring using a setting. The setting purpose is to showcase the diamond’s beauty and safeguard it from damage. With the many available settings, you receive varied protection. The most common include:

·         Prong. It is holding the diamond in its place with 4 to 6 narrow metal supports. The name of the ring with prongs is solitaire.

·         Bezel. Experts hold the engagement ring in place with a thin metal strip around the gem. Bezel setting gives the center stone excellent support.

·         Halo. It is where an engagement ring has tiny diamonds that surround the center stone.

Check the diamond under various light conditions.

The engagement diamond appears differently under various light conditions. That’s because the diamond facets are like mirrors that reflect the surroundings. You can check it under natural daylight, diffused lighting, mixed lighting, and other environments.

Go for the most sparkle and size.

The diamond’s cut determines the stone’s sparkle. Choose the one with an excellent cut grade for best results. Another way to increase sparkle is going for an engagement ring with more diamonds.


Preparing to propose to your bride is such a crazy, exciting period. You must do everything possible to ensure that your engagement ring is perfect and sparkling. Therefore, information about the diamond cut style, shape, cut quality, and setting will help you settle for the most suitable diamond engagement ring.

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