photograph. While that perplexed characterization concealments the nitty-gritty, portrait photography drives way elsewhere just ticking pictures of people. 

It is one of the hardest things to do, especially when it comes to photographers who don’t have any knowledge of clicking portrait pictures. If you are one of those people, who are looking for learning some great skills of portrait photography then this blog exists in this world, only for you. With the experience of one of the most renowned and leading photographer Njock Ajuk Eyongwe will tell you things you should know while doing portrait photography. 


Njock Ajuk Eyong comes as one of the most well-known appellations in the photography world in Johannesburg, South Africa. Well, we can definitely say that he is amid those few photographers on the globe who have acknowledged all the good name and reputation with his absolute enthusiasm and desire towards his profession. Whereas he got started as a novice in the identical field, earlier, he went on to accomplish some inordinate accomplishment with his stiff work in the identical field.


Njock Ajuk Eyong Visa is moderately diverse from other photographers and he is always equipped to experimentation with his skills and talent of photography in of any kind crusade he knobs in his entire life. Well, he not ever feels resisted till he gets the unsurpassed pictures and that is somewhat which styles him different and unique, separately from all the other photographers in the same field of photography.


He always ready to go any corner of the globe for perfect shots, even he loves to travel for photography. You can say that this love for photography makes him the best photographer in all means. He further participated in many photography events and competitions and amazingly secured great positions and earned pride for his country. 

With Njock Ajuk Eyong talent of photography, we will be listing some things you should know about portrait photography. To know more, keep reading the blog. 


1. Pick the perfect background for your subject. 

In Portrait photography, it is essential to find the most perfect background for your subjects. A distracting or busy background will take all the attention away from the subject in the frame. It should be catchy and easy. 


Do not try to find extra-shinny background until your subject is not that shinny. What we want to say that choose the background as per the subject for your frame. Theme matters a lot and your background should follow the theme. Otherwise, it will distract the beholder and they will not be able to see the background. 


2. Prepare your portrait subject for the photography.  

While doing portrait photography, if your subject is not ready then there is no point in clicking portrait pictures. Even the most expensive and best camera equipment will create poor pictures, if the subject of your portrait photography is not ready, relaxed, feeling best and comfortable with the camera. 

Being captured in the frame is quite unnatural that leads to stressful or overwhelmed experience for the subject so, as an experienced and professional portrait photographer, it is your duty to make the experience of photography easy, stress-free and relaxed for the subject. 


3. Focus on the eyes of the subject.

Though human itself is wonderful creation of god their eyes has something more. Portrait photos look best if eyes are the main focus of the camera. This has the capability to rallies the sense of eye contact between the beholder and eye of the subject, that creates magic and makes the engaging photo.