Real estate is considered to be one of the most valuable assets to invest in. It has a significant position economically and financially. Real estate can also boost employment across various sectors. It is an attractive asset to investment firms.

But, investing in real estate is risky. You have to be careful while investing a lump sum of money into real estate. With the higher amount of returns comes the higher probability of risk.

But wait, what if you can never lose a penny in real estate? What if you can predict all the market fluctuations precisely and allocate your funds accordingly?

Yes, it is possible with real estate astrology. Real estate astrology can give you accurate readings and assessments about the future. It directs a person on how to make the right decision at the right time for property related matters.

Below are some of the explanations on how astrology can help you reap the best possible results from real estate investment.

1.   The important planetary positions for properties and houses

According to Vedic astrology, the fourth house is the master of all the real estate and other immovable assets. If your fourth house is in your favor then you may be able to make money via real estate.

It is also important that the planets residing in the fourth household benefit positions. Only when a benefic planet is in the fourth house you will be able to enjoy the complete benefits of buying a property.

Note that sometimes the lord of the fourth house and the master of the 10th house make up a trine arrangement or even a quadrant structure. These are the times when a person can enjoy extreme monetary benefits from buying or selling a property.

It is also important to consider the positions of the planet before purchasing a property. Various planets influence the attributes of the property you are planning to buy. The moon might enhance the seamlessness of buying and selling a property.

Mercury might decide how good the place feels. Jupiter governs the size of the house/property. While venus may decide how the place looks. Therefore, the planets and their positions in your birth chart might have a significant impact on how your house or any other property operates.

On the other hand, there are planets like the sun and Saturn that work exactly opposite of the above-mentioned planets. A person with a sun or Saturn dominated birth chart might have no or weak holdings of immovable property.

Rahu – a shadow planet and Saturn – the spiritual planet does not allow a person to own a new home. The worst is Mars. It gives a person the worst of properties.

You will be able to reach heights in buying an immovable property if your moon is in a great position. You can even buy a multi-story villa if the moon and Venus are favorable to you.

2.   Property endowment

Below are some of the points that reflect your property endowment

  • The lord in the fourth house and the lord of Lagna need to be well-placed for a person to become the owner of multiple properties. The connection between the fourth house and the ninth-place lord will decide the inheritance.

This is because the ninth house in your chart is pertaining to your father. You cannot expect to inherit any property from the maternal grandparents if your fourth lord is connected to the second house in your chart.

  • When the fourth lord and the seventh house are connected, you are eligible to get property benefits from your spouse.
  • A weak fourth place means there would some litigation on the ancestral property you own This may bring a lot of trouble to you financially.

3.   Property loss

You should be very careful with real estate astrology since there are many planetary combinations that can create property loss.

Remember that the main house that causes all the hikes and downfalls in real estate is the fourth house. Just by reading how your fourth house is placed, you can understand all that is bound to happen to you – property wise.

  • You may be faced with property loss if the lord of the fourth house moves to the lord of the 3rd house.
  • Adding, if the lord of the fourth house moves to the 8th house that too in a malefic position you can expect a property loss.
  • Another factor is that, if the lord of the fourth house sits either in the 8th or 12th house, you may face property loss due to governmental actions.