It may sound silly to some people, but my snoring nearly ended my marriage.  I never used to snore and I was actually a bit flippant about it when my wife first started to complain about having a bad night’s sleep because of me. It did start off as a bit of a joke really, for both of us. The problem was the snoring continued, and it seemed to get worse over time.

Selfishly I Didn’t Think My Snoring Was Such a Big Deal

I didn’t even believe my wife when she first mentioned it; I thought she was having a laugh. Then after a few months she decided to record it for me and let me hear it for myself. I was shocked by how loud it actually was and I wasn’t convinced it was really me, until she showed me the video on her mobile phone! I felt there was nothing I could do other than apologize and I really didn’t think it was that bigger deal.

The problem was while I was sleeping my poor wife was left tossing and turning. As I was really not aware of this, besides her telling me the following day, it didn’t really affect me so I didn’t do anything to deal with the problem. My wife suffered for about a year before she finally cracked and I really saw how exhausted she was. I was told to move into the spare room at night just on bad nights, and this is where the real problems began.

We Drifted Apart

One or two nights a week soon became every night as my wife began to enjoy being able to sleep without being kept up by me. She did look better and her mood had lifted, but I felt pushed out. Each night as I went to bed in the spare room I began to feel angry and disappointed, neglected even. I felt that the snoring was just an excuse for my wife not wanted to be near me and so we started to fight.  We carried on for several months like this and in that time we drifted apart, there was anger and bitterness, and I truly believe that if I didn’t finally look for a way of stopping snoring our marriage would have probably ended over something that seems so silly, until it happens to you, that is.

I went to visit my doctor and I wish that I had addressed the problem a lot sooner. It was a bit embarrassing but let’s face it there are far more embarrassing things to confront in life. My doctor was very helpful and he pointed me towards some options including a smart device that apparently could stop snoring from the very first night. I was dubious but I gave it a go and since then I haven’t looked back.

Building Bridges with a Good Nights Sleep

It felt strange being in the same bed as my wife after such a long time, but it also felt wonderful. We tried it out that night and I think my wife was shocked when she awoke the next morning after not hearing me snore once (Although I had knocked her a few times, but after having the bed to herself I think that was bound to happen.) Night after night I continued to use the device, and to this day I still do. Our relationship didn’t fix itself overnight but gradually we began to talk more and feel more like a couple again.  We spoke about how we both felt and I apologized for not taking her sleepless nights seriously from the start. I forgave her for kicking me out of the bedroom and she forgave me, we became a team again.

A simple stop snoring device was all that was needed. If you want to stop snoring and help everyone sleep better consider using a drug free device available in the UK.