With a plethora of drug treatment facilities how do you pick the right one for you or a family member? This is a difficult decision you are making putting life on hold and getting the help you or a family member needs. Below are the stages you usually go through in an residential impatient Las Angeles treatment facility.

  • Detox- The most important start to your new freedom of life. Detox is where you will go until a doctor clears you ready and able to move up to the residential stages. Detox is all about making sure you are getting the drugs or alcohol out of your body safely and comfortable. Different drugs have different side affects when leaving your body. You do not want to detox with out a licensed professional around as they know exactly what to do in an adverse situation.

  • Residential- This phase in your recovery life is where you will go when you successfully complete detox. You will go to a house with other residents where you will start group and one on one therapy and start the daily practice of getting your life back on track. Emotions may come up during this phase as your are still very new to being sober. It is very important that you talk to a licensed therapist.

  • Intensive Outpatient Program- This stage is where you will get a little more freedom. Some places may start even letting you go do things on your own. As allowing you to do things on your own you can get started on some healthier activities such as the gym

  • Outpatient program. This is where you go when your almost about to graduate the program. You will be looked on as leader and should be doing you part to give back in the program. Most places will allow you to get a “get well job” if you need it and you are able to become more independent. It is important in this phase to start planning your after treatment care as this will be your last step in a treatment program. 

You and your therapist

We know that things will come up for you during this time maybe things that have happened in the past or fears you have about this life change you are going through, it is essential that you have and talk to a therapist. As they will be the best person to help you sort everything out as well as to help you transition and learn new coping mechanisms. It is recommended that you have at least three different people on your treatment team that you can talk to.

Staying connected 

Now that you have fully completed the program for rehab this is where real life hits. Now that you may not have as much accountability what do you do? We recommend giving back to the community. Be sure that you are doing some type of program like a 12 step program. This will greatly help you maintain your sobriety while meeting new people and being to help others out. 

Many treatment centers will offer an alumni club. This will help you stay connected with the people who you went through this process with and will allow you to share your story to the new person with just 1 day sober.

Studies have been shown that if you work a program you are more likely to stay sober and live a productive life

In conclusion

We recommend that if you or a family member are need help and freedom from the horrible life of drug addiction that you look into treatment centers and 12 steps programs for your loved ones.