Indoor gardening is in a new trend. Indoor planting is an excellent idea. To propagate any plant that you want to grow by using artificial lighting and a grow tent. Indoor gardening is a difficult task, but with the use of proper tools and knowledge, you can easily perform what you have desired.

You must have essential products in indoor gardening. Many people prefer a box over a tent, but the box is unsuccessful. The grow tent has a better growth rate. If you going to use a proper and advanced tool for your grow tent, you will see good results.

Factors that affect the plant growth are temperature, lighting, the health of plants, harvesting, and optimal humid condition. Installing of grow tents allows you to get the exact weather conditioning required for any plant growth. To view more products related to the grow tent you can look over some reliable websites.

Why you require a grow tent?

There are three reasons that solids the validity and purpose of grow tent over the grow box.

  1. The first reason is that it helps in growing any type of plant throughout the year without any hindrance of climate, humidity, temperature, wind, light. You can easily grow any type of plant, this plant can be seasonal or non-seasonal the grow tent will grow it.
  2. The second reason is that a grow tent allows you to control insects and pests. Pests can be dangerous to your plant it might cause death or damages the plant. The grow tent to act as a barrier between insects and pests.
  3. The third reason is that compared with a box or other similar type objects grow tent is easy to install. Grow tent is affordable and gives you better output than another method of indoor growing of plants. Grow tent requires less money and less space. It can be easily dismantled and constructed that requires very little space.

How to select grow tent

For selecting a grow tent you must know the purpose and size along with the number of plants you want to grow. More importantly, you must know what size you want according to the space you have. The size of the tent matters a lot.

If you have a large tent you might face problems like wastage of money for unnecessary electricity bills, fans, water pumps, and lights. With a small tent, you might get less space.

Selecting a tent for your desired purpose is important for any beginner as well as for intermediate fellow. There is no need for a tent that has many ventilation holes or larger tents more than your requirement.

Optimum conditions required for grow tent

There are 6 important factors that a grow tent requires to grow any type of plant.

  • Temperature: Temperature is the key factor and is an important critical condition that helps the plant to grow accordingly. Temperature is required ventilation and monitoring to maintain a flow of constant temperature. Some plants like to prefer a range of 70-85degree while some plants require a drop of 10-15 degrees. This requires proper maintenance of on and off of lights and fan monitoring.
  • Light: Light is the key to generation. Every plant requires light. To get an adequate amount of light you must choose the proper lighting system. Led lamps are budget-friendly that allows you to get the desired amount of light without hiking your pocket.
  • Carbon dioxide: CO2 is the second most important factor after lighting and temperature. Without a source, plants cannot make their food. For that co2 plays an important role in it. 1200 to 1500 ppm is required to show growth.
  • Circulation of air: Circulation of air becomes is also an important factor. Point the air system in a particular direction might cause breaking and rupturing of plant or premature death. A gentle breeze is sufficient for any plant to propagate.
  • Humidity and reflection: Humidity is loved by many plants. Around 60% of humid condition helps any plant to grow well. Light reflectors help to increase and decrease the intensity of light without adding and decreasing led lights

The setting of grow tent step by step

Step 1: Gathering: Gather all tools, your tent along with other supplies that important for set up like screwdrivers, cutters, box cutters, and scissors.

Step 2 Assembling: 1. Construction of frame, & putting of fabric. Assemble the tent with all the material without spilling and splashing. Then put the fabric as to cover the tent.

Step 3: Light set-up: Setting upholder, attaching the hood, & organizing wiring is the key to this step.

Step 4: Ventilation setup

Step 5: Installing ventilation

Step 6: Hanging temperature gauges

Step 7: Configuring light and water pump timers

Step8: Checking the entire system

Step9: Performing safety measures

Step10: Planting

These were the basic thing that should be kept while installing a grow tent. Happy planting!