A career in physical therapy is one of endless rewards when you work for the right physical therapy company. As with all industries, in addition to the right pay and benefits, to have a truly fulfilling career it is essential to find the right company. With a few helpful insights, you can be well on your way to excellent pay and wake up looking forward to going to work.


Specific Clientele

Consider the types of clients you wish to assist on a daily basis. Many people in physical therapy remain eager and thrilled to assist any person who requires rehabilitation; however, some people prefer a more specific clientele. You might have a passion for helping wounded veterans who have returned from active duty. You might even prefer to work with the elderly or children exclusively. And, some people may wish to focus on the injuries of athletes. Specialized clinics and medical centers exist all over the country that may be the right fit for your specific client preferences.


Types of Injuries

You might wish to focus on a specific type of injury. Many clinics will specialize in types of injuries regardless of the demographics of a patient. You might wish to help any person who has lost a limb. You could work for a clinic that specializes in spinal injuries whether the injury resulted from a car crash, bicycle accident, horse riding incident, pool diving error, etc. It is even possible to select a clinic at which to work that specializes in physical therapy for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. If a type of injury or debilitating disease is close to your heart, you can likely find a clinic that specializes in that niche.


Travel Opportunities

It is important to consider whether or not you wish to travel. If you dream of moving from one town or city to the next on a regular basis, you might consider a traveling physical therapy company. While you can certainly contact a traveling physical therapy company on your own, most industry professionals recommend that you select a recruiting company such as https://clarkecaniff.com/industries/physical-therapy-recruiters-and-executive-search/, to do the work for you due to the intense candidate competition in this arena of physical therapy. A specialized recruiting company has the connections and skills to place you over thousands of other candidates.



Do not forget to think about the location of an employer. Is it important for you to be close to friends and family? Do you want to explore a new area of the country and make new friends? How long of a daily commute will it be each way? Is there access to bike trails or public transportation? All of these questions are important to ask yourself along with any other questions that might be relevant and important for your quality of life and job satisfaction. Be sure you can find reasonable solutions to the important aspects of your personal life if you believe the physical therapy company is right for you.


Long-Term Prospects

Another critical component to the job search is to establish your long-term career plans. Once you find the right physical therapy company to work for, consider your opportunities for advancement if that is something you desire in the future. Also, if you wish to move around every few years, verify whether or not they have several locations. If a long-term career is something you seek, be certain the physical therapy company you choose to work for can offer you the future you want and deserve.


To be truly happy in your career it is essential to find the right physical therapy company for which to work. Whether you want to pay, the option to travel, to work with wounded vets, a long-term career or something else, be sure the physical therapy company is just as right for you as much as you are for the company.