Creative producers are adjusting to the huge impact of COVID-19. Your company can also adapt to meet varying industry needs. For marketers and creative producers moving forward with ‘business unusual’ during these strange and unclear times, one of the challenges is figuring out how to generate content with their production capabilities so deeply affected.

At least there is some good news: there are still several safe production options to take our messaging out there without putting anyone in harm’s way. The following lines will describe a few safe creative production alternatives that will help you during these uncertain times, and that will keep you and your team safe.

Depending on your vertical, you may have noticed your revenue plummet in recent times, due to the COVID-19 crisis. Some industries have seen a pretty much total cessation of activity and they found themselves in need to innovate in order to survive. This has actually made marketing and creativity more crucial than ever for many firms. Most of these marketing efforts will have to happen online, because the cost of traditional ads, like TV ads, is prohibitive for most businesses at the moment. There is also another great reason to push your marketing focus online nowadays: we all are spending more time at home due to lockdowns and restrictions, and hence we are going online much more frequently.

Here are some creative production and marketing tips you can consider for these strange pandemic times:


Repurposing old and current existing assets

This is a brilliant alternative if you will require assets within days or weeks, or in case you have a limited budget. Your creative production agency can help you repurpose existing assets to produce efficient, up-to-date digital content.

This alternative can involve adapting the content and asset to be more mobile-friendly by amending the call-to-action or overall messaging, so that it is more relevant for current times.


Work towards retaining your existing customer base

Out of sight usually means out of mind. Make sure you keep in touch with your existing customers or you will eventually risk losing them. It is always cheaper and easier retaining an existing customer than attracting and acquiring a new one.

  • Marketing automation is definitely a low-cost, easy and effective way to keep in touch with existing customers.
  • Content production is a vital ingredient for the tactical marketing strategies and to keep in touch with existing customers. Share with them your innovative technologies that differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Being more social actually means engaging in more conversations with existing customers. Social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter are platforms where your current customers are reviewing your services and products.


Keep an eye on your marketing metrics

During pandemic times, it’s more essential than ever to monitor your marketing data. Make a note of what is actually working and make sure you do more of that in the near future.

If marketing campaigns that were successful in the past are failing now, it means that currently they lack impact, they have become irrelevant; reduce or completely stop those types of campaigns for now, perhaps during coronavirus times your audience behaves differently.


Final thoughts

While we are waiting for safer conditions and hope for restrictions to be lifted, a local trustworthy creative producer will help you with your campaign strategy and your approach to creative ideation so that you are fully ready to go when the time comes. Make sure you work with a local creative production partner, especially during these times of de-globalisation. If your business is located in London or around the city, try to find a local partner you can work with: when the time comes for you to select a creative production agency London is the place where you should look for your creative partner. Dealing with a local, established agency will always generate better results in the long run.