There are many reasons why you would want to find one, notably for occasions like wedding, maternity, and other get together; photography is increasingly common.


Having said that, one really doesn’t find competent professionals. The story is horrible wedding photographers is not that uncommon. So what goes wrong in such cases? Well here’s a hard talk – Not all photographers are competent to cover all the events. For instance – Wedding photographer, may not be a very good corporate event photographer.

Why there is distinction?

Exactly the same reason that separates you apart from a wedding photographer. One needs to know poses, cover schedule and chip in with great deal of hard work with every photo session. When it comes to kids photography, the job gets more difficult, because getting a kid of give a good pose is very difficult, and for that a photographer many need to even soothe the child.

So how do you decide about getting the right photographer? Well it isn’t difficult. Let us tell you how.

  • Think about the occasion that you need photographer for – wedding or party, or just something casual – birthday party, family shoot etc.
  • Ask questions – too many of them, about the event, photographer’s experience in the domain and just everything else.
  • Services that they offer–Say it is wedding, then ensure that you ask them about events that you they are going to cover.
  • Insist for work samples – It is very important, although you may find some of the best photographers who are starters, you can make out from their work and photography, if it resonates with you, then go with it.
  • Look for value – It doesn’t necessarily have to be the cheapest, just something that gives you optimum value for the money you spend.

There is one app called UrbanClap that can really help you, UrbanClap will come to your rescue, whether you need photographers in Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore. For other cities, you might have to wait till UrbanClap rolls out its services to cover those cities. UrbanClap covers NCR area, so you can use UrbanClap Gurgaon by selecting NCR, here’s why we like it.


The professionals are very competent and are allowed to list only once they pass rigorous checks. The interface is sleek and it lets you type as you go, so that you don’t really have to filter things up, because the app does it all for you.


They keep rolling it over and over again, most recently they had around 300 off for salon at home, and even for pest control services, likewise there are discounts that keep coming.


You can rely on ratings as users put them up, thereby giving you a better perspective of photographers and their working profile.

Paytm Wallet

The app beats all similar apps or site, by this one unique thing, because normally in events like wedding, you might be on tight budget, and an extended payment facility that you might get on your credit card, or even time till your next credit card bill is due can be of a great respite. Normally professionals ask for cash, but that isn’t a bar if you get this app.

You can also read about UrbanClap wiki, or google to get more information, but it is by far the best way of getting a professional photographer, and something that will add more colors to special events. It is available on both android and apple platforms for free.