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When the weather heats up and everyone’s having some fun in the sun, you want to dress the part. That’s where accessories come into play, and you can try out some of the latest trends to freshen up your individual look. New accessories can spice up any wardrobe without breaking your fashionista budget. Check out some of our favorite summertime accessories:

1. Head-Turning Jewelry

If you like being bold and glamorous, this is your season, and the pieces you choose to wear can be over-the-top and fearless. Large gold earrings, candy-colored rings and big, showy pendant necklaces are making the grade this summer. Jewelry featuring mixed materials like bamboo, pearl and chains were the hot look on Miu Miu’s runway, while Chanel brought out the major bling with statement necklaces layered for extra oomph and Chanel cuff bracelets with lots of shine and bedazzlement.

2. Gladiators Return

Sandals are the most popular footwear in summer, and you have tons of beautiful choices, especially if you like the gladiator vibe. The style is dramatic and sexy and creates that boho chic fashion we all love. Put on a pair of flat gladiator sandals, and you can pair them with just about anything from your personal wardrobe. The feminine, strappy style flatters you in your favorite flirty dresses, cropped tees, loosely draped blouses and lightweight jackets.

3. Perfect Handbag

What you carry all your essentials around in also matters in the accessories department. Let’s be honest, ladies, bohemian handbags say it all during those elegant, languid summer days and evenings. You need a gorgeous handbag not only because it’s functional and attractive, but your bag is your most visual fashion accessory. Your bag says a lot about your style and self-expression. Other hip styles for summer include animal prints like zebra and leopard, and vintage doctor bag shapes are also on-trend.

4. Sassy Shades

Your sunglasses are another key accessory to have fun with when the sun is blazing and the temperatures are heating up. Many women like to invest in at least a couple of pairs of shades.

Some of us choose our sunglasses by the trends, and others wear them according to their face shape. Either way, there are tons of cool trends happening. For example, the models who walked for Saint Laurent were sporting some heavy-duty, oversized, black Secret Service-chic sunglasses. Gucci also made a return to very large, black shades that were anchored with oversized industrial chains. The Boss runway turned it up with warmth as models took to the catwalk wearing sunglasses tinted in translucent yellow. Versace went futuristic with large shades in a bright bubblegum color.

5. Hats Up!

Hats are hot everywhere this summer, and yes, everyone can look great in a hat. You have wonderful options, too. Try a bucket hat on, and see what the fascination is all about.

If that isn’t your vibe, kick back to a straw hat, a classic accessory on-trend once again.

Or maybe a visor is more of your thing and not just for the tennis court. Visors are reclaiming their popularity, and Prada has some glamorous takes on the trend. The newsboy hat style is always chic, and it’s making fashion headway so to speak. Even the boho-chic headscarf is looking good this summer. Wrap one on, and forget about a bad hair day.

Summertime means fun fashion accessories can come out and play. From head-to-toe, you can create the runway or street trends you admire. All it takes is a bold handbag, sexy sandals, or  oversized shades to elevate your look.