Elevator shoes are like push-up bras; they help the world see a finer and more packaged side of you. Elevator shoes make you appear taller; they may be seen as false and fake, while others see the many advantages to it.

However, before we go into whether or not short men should wear elevator shoes, you should embrace your height and be comfortable in them. Whether you are tall or short, fat or slim, whether you wish to be different from what you are, the first step to appearing taller is all in the mindset. Hence, it would help if you were confident in your skin. But the question remains, ‘Are short men supposed to wear elevator shoes?

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer to this; it’s a personal decision. Elevator shoes are not bad in themselves; in fact, they are meant to give an added beauty, confidence, and style to a man’s dressing just like a high heel for women does. In deciding to wear elevator shoes, however, your decision shouldn’t be born out of low self-esteem or worthlessly but rather should be a fashion statement.

A self-confident man embraces his height and not just that but other genetic features as well; he is not bothered by things he can’t control but instead focuses on those he can control. Example of this includes fitness, skills, grooming, dress sense, and so on. On the other hand, a man who lacks self-confidence tries to change even those things he has no control over. Other ways by which he expresses his lack of self-confidence includes:

  • He focuses on his height
  • He is jealous of taller men
  • He wishes he is taller
  • He is bitter about his height
  • He is pessimistic about his dating chances
  • He is obsessed with ways to get taller

If you lack self-confidence as a man because of your height, elevator shoes aren’t the cure to this; they are nothing but a band-aid solution to the problem. This is because, just like push-up bras, you will eventually pull it off, and when that happens, how that would make you feel?

If, on the other hand, you are confident in your stature, wearing an elevator shoe no longer becomes a need but a want; it becomes an interesting choice you can choose to do without. However, just like the saying goes, ‘whatever is worth doing is what doing well,’ if you must go for elevator shoes, it must be one that:

  • Looks good
  • Is comfortable to wear
  • Is long-lasting

Ultimately, elevator shoes should be like every other regular shoe. They should be comfortable enough to walk with; you be able to even run with them if it’s a sneaker or boot, you should be able to dance in them for dress shoes. But they shouldn’t become the sole essence of your life, nor should you be so dependent on them that you can’t function without one. So, short men can wear elevator shoes but should not be dependent on them.

Buy shoes which have a full-length height insole found in the invincible increaser. For instance, you could get an insole that measures ¾ inches in length or ½ inches in the case where the shoe adds 1.5 inches height. For shoes with three inches or four, going for the same size of insole may cause your feet to tire out easily since the insole has more work to do.

Do not purchase shoes that have a larger increase than is necessary. If you only need a two-inch boost, do not exceed it. The taller the rise in the shoe, the more likely it is to be hard on your feet.

While walking in elevator shoes, ensure you are standing straight and maintaining a good posture. Most foot problems which many people encounter (whether in regular or elevator shoes) are most often a result of slouching, shuffling and general poor standing or walking techniques.