The number of orphans is rising by leaps and bounds. The US foster care system houses nearly 400,000 children. Now, that’s a staggering number, isn’t it? Parents are forced to disown their children owing to financial hardships. At times, single mothers are left with no choice but to abandon their children because of a severe dearth of resources.

With the number of orphans soaring at an alarming pace, the need to adopt children has grown immensely. For childless couples, adopting a child can be a blessing. It goes without saying that a child deserves due care and nutrition in order to have a happy childhood.  

Laws pertaining to adoption vary from state to state. For instance, Louisiana’s child custody laws allow different kinds of custodies, right from joint custody to legal as well as physical custody.

Getting used to an entirely new lifestyle can be quite a daunting task for a child. Therefore, it becomes extremely important on your part to let the child take his own sweet time in order to get accustomed to the surroundings.

Also, here are a few other important factors you need to keep in mind before planning to adopt a child:

The Path you choose

The first and the foremost thing that needs to be ascertained is the route of adoption you wish to follow. You can materialize local (domestic) adoptions by either contacting a foster home or by going through the agency route. Agency adoption is recommended if you want a smooth and hassle-free adoption path.

The conventional route (the agency)

Agency adoption is your conventional adoption route. There would be a house inspection followed by proper paperwork. A large number of families prefer this route simply because it is watertight and leaves no loose ends. Additionally, it also gives the parents access to counselling sessions.

What importance does the paperwork hold?

Paperwork might appear a bit irksome initially, but having adequate paperwork at your disposal is bound to yield rich dividends in the near future. Confusions and misunderstandings can be kept at bay if proper paperwork is carried out. You’d get to fill a lot of papers wherein you will need to mention your hobbies, interests, and financial soundness.

In this case, the communication has to be extremely specific and intimate. Biological parents have a tough decision to make. They need to feel absolutely sure that you’re sound enough to take care of their child.

The Funding aspect

  • Adopting through foster homes

Adoption through foster homes doesn’t cost you much. It is much easier as and when compared to the agency route.  You will have to go through a training programme if you plan to follow this route. The timespan of the training generally hovers between six to 45 hours. It is followed by a small home study. After the home study is done and dusted, the child can be handed over to you.

  • Hiring a Lawyer

Here’s an expensive route. Child custody law firms or independent lawyers can also be hired in order to adopt a child. Childless couples having deep pockets can choose this route. In this case, the legal costs of adoption can run into thousands of dollars. Hiring a lawyer helps keep the entire adoption affair private. If you don’t want to create much noise, hiring a lawyer is the best way forward for you.

The important part is to keep a check on your expectations

Now comes the most important part. In order to provide the child with a happy and prosperous childhood, you need to understand him. A sense of understanding won’t develop overnight. The child needs a considerable amount of time before he warms up to you.

Also, there are families who go through a failed adoption before finally managing to build a family. An unsuccessful adoption can be an extremely devastating thing, both emotionally as well as financially, but the joy of getting to build your family from scratch while hoping for a better tomorrow is exactly what makes the entire experience worthwhile.