For many couples, the mere idea of talking to a veritable stranger about the difficulties or challenges they have in their relationship is daunting. It can be challenging for couples to reveal details of the intimacies and intricacies of their relationship to someone else, especially if they can’t even talk about it between themselves.

Relationships have their ups and downs. Even the best ones have difficult periods that need to be overcome. Sometimes, it is not about each other, but also the effect it will have on related parties. There are parents, children, extended relatives, friends, and society. It is important that people try and give their relationship a chance by taking help from external agencies like counseling and therapy centers.

But a lot of couples who have gone through therapy and counseling confirm that it is actually better to talk to someone whom they don’t technically know rather than talk to someone who knows them, such as a friend or a family member. If you and your partner are facing a challenging time or situation, counseling and therapy can definitely help. Here’s what you should know about the top three advantages of counseling and therapy for couples.

1. It can help you confirm and clarify whatever feelings you have:

Most relationships are a challenge, and one of the main factors which make relationships challenging is trying to sort out how we as individuals feel about our spouse or partner. Most couples will attend counseling and therapy with the knowledge that they want to work on their relationship and stay together, but other couples can come in not knowing whether or not they should really stay together. But if you and your partner have a scheduled time and place where you can meet and discuss your feelings and thoughts, this can guide you towards the proper direction you want to take. The therapist or counselor can serve as your guide through the process, as they can help you understand various aspects of your relationship which you may not know or see. They can also provide you with an objective perspective.

2. It can help deepen your bond with your partner:

Some couples go through therapy because they don’t talk about anything – they don’t even argue; they just don’t talk any longer. There is no more spark in the relationship, and it has fizzled out, what with the many responsibilities the couple has, such as work, children, and so on. If you are worried that your marriage or relationship has reached this stage and you would like to ‘rekindle the fire’ so to speak, couples counseling can help. With counseling, you are paying attention to your relationship and talking about what made you love your partner in the first place. It can help deepen your bond with your partner and help you remember what makes your relationship special.

3. It can encourage personal growth and awareness:

With couples therapy like that offered by experts in therapy Woodstock offers, at The Lodestone Center for Behavioral Health, you have a chance to meet with a therapist or counselor every week, and this can help you learn more about your own personality and your motivations. Even if the focus of couples therapy or counseling is on your relationship, it will also give insight into how you relate to other individuals, resulting in a better relationship with everyone else. Couples therapy and counseling can help you make a big decision as well – such as whether or not to get married, have children, or stay together if someone has had an affair and you would like to re-establish trust. Even if things are going well, you could still benefit from couples counseling as it serves as an avenue for you to deepen the intimacy in your relationship and improve your communication as a couple.


Having to open up in front of a stranger might be the hardest thing you will ever have to do in your life. However, if you want your relationship to work and enjoy the times you used to like before, seeking help from a professional is always a good thing. You might be doing this for yourself, or your partner, or even your children, but always remember, that it is the right thing to do.