Image source: Pexels

Image source: Pexels

Bonding with your baby is the process of developing a secure and intense attachment with each other. When a baby bonds with his or her parents, he or she is better able to grow and thrive. Becoming bonded with your baby is not an instantaneous or one-time event. It is an ongoing process that requires both of you to participate. Consider these six fun ways that you can bond with your baby.


Music and Movement Groups

Music and movement groups are a great way to encourage your baby to be social. Being around other babies will set up your child for the development of friendships outside of your family. The music stimulates your baby’s auditory system, and over time, your baby will recognize the rhythms and words. The dancing and movements such as clapping that are a part of the class will help to stimulate your baby’s reflexes and gross motor skills.


Peek-a-Boo Games

Once your baby is a few months old, funny surprises such as playing peek-a-boo will make him or her smile or even laugh out loud. Your baby is learning about object permanence. When you cover up your face, your baby might think that you have left. But when you move your hands away, your baby is surprised that you are still there! Peek-a-boo has excellent social and cognitive benefits for your growing baby.


Baby Swimming Classes

After nine months of being surrounded by amniotic fluid, most babies are quite comfortable in the water. A swimming babies class helps your child to learn to trust you and feel safe even in an unfamiliar situation. Your baby will learn to follow your lead and to do what you say. A swimming class helps your baby to strengthen his or her muscles and learn how to make coordinated movements.


Story Time at the Library

A short trip to the local library is an excellent way to meet other parents of children the same age as your baby. Most library baby story time programs use a variety of picture books and stories interspersed with some songs. Your baby will grow intellectually by looking at the pictures and hearing the rhymes and stories. At the end of the story time, your baby may have the chance to crawl and play with some age-appropriate toys. You can also borrow some books to look at and read at home together.


Walks through the Park

The sights, sounds and smells of nature will appeal to all of your baby’s senses. Your baby can see the brightly colored flowers and listen to the songs of the birds. If you choose to wear your baby in a wrap or a carrier, your baby will also benefit from the physical closeness to you. A walk outside can help with emotional, social and cognitive development. Early exposure to nature also helps your child to enjoy the outdoors.


Baby Massage

Gentle touching reminds your baby of being in the womb and helps him or her to calm down and relax. A massage delivers warmth and affection to your baby. Your touch will stimulate nerve endings, helping to calm your baby when he or she is fussy or sick. A massage is also a great option for a bedtime routine. A bath, story and massage will help your baby to establish a regular bedtime so that all of you get enough sleep.


These enjoyable activities can be done by both moms and dads in order to bond with a new baby. You can continue to do all of these activities as your child grows and thrives under your guidance and love.