There are times when kids just hate their moms and cannot understand them for a couple of reasons. One popular issue is the age gap or generation gap. Since there are things and concepts that are said to be abstruse to children, parents find it hard to explain to them how things should be. In this article, we will discuss the five types of mom stereotypes that most kids dislike.

1. The Gossiper                                                                         

 People say that girls gossip more often than boys do. Moms are stereotyped to be frequent gossipers who go around the neighbors spreading news like wildfire. They are those stay-at-home mothers who do not have anything else to do rather than clean the house, water the plants, and after doing every household chore, moves out to find someone to talk with. Moms who fit the gossiper stereotype are those badmouthing others to lift their esteem.


  1. The Worrywart

Moms just cannot help but worry about kids and everything there is to worry about. This is the type who calls the kids once in an hour or even worse—twice or more than three times, to make sure that the kids are fine. The worrywart is someone who does not allow the kid to join the school’s outbound education, attend a classmate’s birthday party or even let the kid participate in a sports competition. All these have risks for the kid to get hurt or lost somewhere. The worrywart will always pack medicine for headache and fever wherever and check if the kid needs help.

  1. The Fasionista

This is the mom who does not want to look like a mom but an elder sister of the kid. When there’s a parent and teacher gathering, this mom would always want to look the most glamorous and ravishing. She would step out of the house wearing a dress with heavy prints of bold color, the highest heels, and tons of accessories that are perfect for the outfit. Kids hate this kind of mom stereotype because they will be talked about at school and in some occasion, get bullied for their mom’s “exaggerated” style and overall appearance.

  1. Busy as a Bee

There are moms who do not care about the rest of the world except for her work. Her job in the office is her priority and never the children at home. When kids meet their mom, they will find her either in front of the laptop’s screen or talking to a business colleague over the phone for hours. This is the mom who does not find time to spend with her children or even consider going out with the family for an intimate dinner or quick get-together.

  1. The Laid-back

If there’s the worrywart, there’s also the laid-back kind. Kids hate to see extremes and just want balance. This kind of mother is someone who does not show concern to kids or question them about school, friends and life as of late. Everything is flexible and life would seem simpler, but kids still need to be attended on.


Given this list, do you think you fall in any of the stereotype categories? If yes, think about actions on how to be a better mom. Realize that life is short to be neither paying attention to kids nor getting them frustrated following your strict rules. Mom stereotypes can be broken and you may start it today.