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2021 is shaping up to be a focus on home and comfort. Designs that include memories, family and old-fashioned trends are merging with contemporary to highlight the importance of a caring world. Many of these designs can be integrated with your current furnishings, making decorating more affordable and personal.

1. Layers of Vintage

A vintage look is not created overnight. It is a process that is never far from your mind in finding items that make you feel warm and cozy. Repurposed wood, 70s retro furniture and rich inspiring antiques will generate a simpler time when stress was not so forceful. Begin with a simple living space and gradually add furnishings such as garage sale ceramic and glass vases, oriental area rugs, and Mid-Century modern furniture. Add your favorite colors with throw pillows and framed family photos that make you smile. Covered lamp shades in bright designs are big for making a splash with color and texture.

2. A Global Retreat

Merging cultures can deliver a feeling of humanity with the pride of multiple countries. Natural bamboo, stone accent tables, handmade linens and prints of exotic animals or scenery will give you an appreciation for the different people that we share the world with. Mix and match your favorite parts of the world and create an engaging concept all your own. Think memories of an international vacation or a land you have always been drawn to. You are your heartfelt favorites for your inspiration. If you lean toward rain forests and nature, add a cascading waterfall and lots of greenery. An Asian flair is also popular with Zen-influenced furnishings of candles, stones and meditation rugs. European designs are vast with French, Hungarian or Italian styles and handmade fabrics. Latino decors can create a festive presence with bright colors and primitive items.

3. Chic French Country

French country has always been a favorite for bringing a sense of peace. However, by introducing chic to the decorating scheme, a whole new look is created. Copper and metal wall hangings, hand carved cuckoo clocks and colorful throws can blend in nicely with the blues and off-whites of French country. A German cuckoo clock always adds a bright spot and becomes the focal point of any living area. Button tufted furniture in pastel colors will keep the feel of French Country while flea market finds of decorative plates and antique bowls will add character to your decor. Tapestries of French landscape will add color without being overbearing. By mixing a little chic to your favorite design, a personal challenge is met and adorned.

4. Moody Mineral Designs

For those who cannot bear to part with glamour and shimmering surfaces, this style is perfect for preserving sophistication with minerals and fine velvet that fit your lifestyle. Graceful colors of violets and blues bring an awesome refined look of elegance and natural beauty. Keep your metal and glass tables while accenting with bold asymmetrical lights and lamps. Create a colorful backdrop of stripes or floral draperies that are large and flattering. Shiny gold and silver decanters or small stone statues keep a glam statement while an earthy feel is able to fit in nicely. Marble-top side tables on dark wood bases or brass legs will continue an elegant feel.

5. Traditional Purity

There has always been a love for traditional taste that delivers the work of 18th and 19th century historical furnishings with a classical feel of history. Antiques, classic art and soft furnishings bring a flavor of purity and a feel of American heritage. Modern traditional need not be expected and stuffy. Add natural stone statues and wicker baskets to personalize and warm your decor. Add unexpected stripes in furniture or throws for a zesty display of life. Add more live plants than you feel comfortable with and you will soon appreciate their natural abundance.

Final Thoughts

These are just 5 of the popular home designs that are emerging for 2021. Other trends include ocean and tropical decors, shabby chic and ideas from the Arts & Crafts movement. Rustic is here to stay with emphasis on distressed cabinets and wall hangings. Live plants are making a big comeback as air purifiers and a taste of the outdoors.