You may not think about it often but your car insurance is there to protect you and your vehicle. From accidents to roadside assistance, your insurance policy can help you to get out of a pinch at the worst of times. Here are four ways that your insurance company can help you out in the future.

Roadside Assistance

Most people never want to even think about the possibility of their tire blowing out or locking the keys in their car. However, it does happen from time to time. This is why it’s so important to have a good car insurance company to work with. They can assist you in your time of need by alerting a roadside assistance professional of your situation. The best part is that your policy usually covers the service so you don’t have to pay any cash upfront for it. Roadside assistance is perfect for assisting you with minor incidents you’ll run into when a friend or family member isn’t able to come to your rescue.

Accident Insurance

The one main reason that we everyone wants to invest in a good car insurance policy is that it helps out financially when you’re involved in an accident. Whether you hit an object on the roadway or another vehicle, your car insurance company will be ready to answer the phone. They can instruct you on where to take your vehicle and what information to get from the other driver. Think of your car insurance company as your confidant in the aftermath of an accident. They can even help you find a reliable auto shop to take your car to that works well with your coverage too.

Rental Car Coverage

When you find yourself out of a car due to an accident or even major car repairs, your car insurance company can help you out. Many policies have rental car coverage that allows you to get a rental car in your local area without any upfront costs. Your insurance company can even take care of contacting the rental company so you don’t have to. Depending on the cause of your accident and your coverage, you may not even have to pay for any part of the car rental.

Navigate Other Insurance Companies

When you’re hit by another driver on the roadway, it can be scary. You’ve heard bad stories of insurance companies refusing to pay for damage to other vehicles because the driver said the wrong thing to them. Your insurance company can be your go-to navigator through the process of reporting the accident and going through the claim with the other insurance company. This way, you can feel confident throughout the entire reporting and claims processes.

Your car insurance company is there for more than just paying for accident damage. Auto insurance policies cover a lot of scenarios these days and understanding what these are can ensure you utilize them in the future. Next time you’re in need of assistance navigating a claim, getting a rental car, or calling for roadside assistance, look to your local car insurance company for help.