Weddings are damned expensive these days – I mean, think of all of the other things you could spend $30,000 or more on? I could think of a lot of things. That’s the deposit for a house, or even a brand new car. It’s a rainy day fund for the future. If you’re one of the more sensible ones, you’ll want to make sure you don’t end up out of pocket or in debt because of your wedding. Here are some things you can do to cut the cost of your wedding:

Forget the Flowers and Favors

Flowers can really make or break the look of a venue, but they don’t affect your wedding or this promise you’re making in the slightest. If you forget about flowers, or even decide to pick your own, then you can save a huge chunk of your wedding budget. By choosing the best looking wedding venue, you won’t need flowers anyway. The same with favors; it’s a lovely gesture, but nobody really wants them anyway. Forget these two things and you’ll free up lots of your budget for more important things.

Choose a Simple Dress

Put the word ‘wedding’ in front of the word ‘dress’ and you’ve got yourself a very expensive garment. If you aim to go out and find a dress that you could wear without going to a bridal shop, you will save thousands. A simple dress is still beautiful, and you can make it even more so by doing your hair and makeup extra special.

Don’t Have a Sit Down Meal

A sit-down meal for everyone will cost more than your own meals for the entire year. Instead, arrange a buffet for your guests. Feeding them is pretty traditional, so you might not want to forgo this altogether. You could even do the buffet yourself or get your friends and family to help – after all, you have a lot more to consider!


Keep Your Guest List as Short as Possible

Don’t invite your third cousin twice removed or that lady you used to speak to in the supermarket. Keep it short and sweet when it comes to guests; only the people who really matter should come. Don’t feel obliged to invite anybody else.

Remember Why You’re Doing it

You’re doing this for you and your other half, nobody else. Forget trying to outdo your best friend or making it bigger than Posh and Beck’s wedding. This is for the two of you to celebrate your love.

Make Your Own Playlist

Hiring a DJ or a Band is usually the norm, but they are expensive. Keep it simple and make a playlist instead. Don’t underestimate the amount of songs you’ll need on there, as weddings go on for a very long time. Include plenty of different genres and things everyone will like!

Get Crafty

Make your own decor. Pick your own flowers. Do your own makeup. Hey, why not even make your own dress? Get as crafty as you can to really slash the cost of this day.

Go out there and have the best day ever on a budget!