Buying a car has always been a great deal for us. From hatchback to SUVs or an off-roader, everybody has their own choice but the main thing common to most of the buyers is that everyone wants to save some extra money.

Buying a car is a one-time thing and we cannot just keep on buying cars every day. Therefore, when we are spending money we should be careful and should examine every possibility to save money. On the other hand, most of us do not require car every day or they cannot afford, hence there are different zoomcar offers available through which we can rent a car whenever needed with ease.

However, if you have made up your mind then here are some tips, which you can keep in mind while buying a new car to avail some extra discount.

  1. Authorized Dealer:

Many unauthorized dealers can give you a huge discount and you can fall into their trap but remember that they could have changed the genuine components with fraudulent ones and could have damaged the car during the process. These incidents are not rare ones in the market and you can be the next victim of this treachery. Authorized dealers can also give you various discounts like:

  • Loyalty Bonus
  • Exchange Bonus
  • Discount on hidden charges
  • Finance Discount
  • Discount by Dealer
  • Insurance Discount

Therefore, always remember to buy your car from an authorized dealer only.

  1. Perfect Occasion and perfect sales:

If you want to avail a great discount from the company’s side then in India you can buy your new car during specific occasions. At the end of the year and on Diwali, every company showers the customers with plenty of offers, bonanza, and discounts. For those who are non-superstitious, Shraadhs can also be a great time to buy a car because during this period the companies take a hit in the sales. Hence, they give huge discounts.

Keeping the terms intact, there are several websites which offer great cashbacks & values for all the consumers. Likewise, Zoomcar offers can be incorporated on your purchase to get a satisfactory discount easily.

  1. Haggle:

Before you start your bargain with the dealer on the accessories just try to break him down on the minimum on road price of the car without including the insurance. In India bargain need to be done while buying a car or else dealer can try to make more profit from you. Before you start the bargain, give him the least price you can pay and then come midway, which will profit both. Always do your homework before buying a car about the least price of it and compare it with different dealers.

  1. Insurance by the dealer:

Always avoid buying the car insurance from the dealer as they get huge commissions from the insurance companies. It is not compulsory to buy the car insurance from the dealer only. You can contact different agents of various insurance companies and can buy the insurance from them, which suits you best. Or else you can buy the insurance from the dealer if he offers you same price the agents that is rare to find. By following this simple step, you can easily save 4-5 thousand rupees on the insurance.

  1. Free Goodies:

Once you crack the deal for the car’s price next step is to haggle for the accessories and goodies. Remember that every dealer gets a huge cut on these goodies. Therefore, never hesitate in bargaining and try to minimize his cut and gain your advantage. These goodies include film coating, anti-rust coating, covers and much more stuff. So, if you want to save money then give your best and show them your bargaining skills.

  1. Payment:

Never make the payment before finalizing the deal on the car. Ask the dealer to give you the details of the deal on the company’s letterhead including the goodies, amount and everything. Then hand over him the cheque and sign on the dotted lines. This ensures that he can never back off with the promises he made after getting the payment and you still hold the stake of buying a car from somewhere else if his services are not worthy.

  1. Exchange Provision:

If you are thinking of exchanging or selling your old car for the new one then do not disclose it before finalizing the deal on the new car with the dealer. First, settle everything related to the new car including goodies, insurance, services and all then tell him about your old car. If you don’t do this then you will have to bargain for both on the same time and the chances of you loosing will be increased. Therefore, to avoid haggle on two different fronts at the same time do not tell the dealer about your old car.

  1. Expanded Warranties:

Even a brand new or an expensive car can break down and repair of it can cost you more as compared to warranty. Getting an extended warranty at the starting while buying a car can pinch you a little but for the future safety and for the long run this is a mandatory step.

  1. Price of the Accessories:

There is a huge difference between the price of the accessories at the dealer and at the aftermarket. This is because dealers get a huge cut on these accessories which can cost more on your pocket. While buying the accessories, make sure to compare its prices from aftermarket as well as from the dealer. After comparing choose accordingly that suits you best.

So, had a little closure about these tips? Now is the time to take a calculative decision. Observe, explore and then conclude about which car you wish to invest in. At times, petty discounts can make up great difference to the pockets. Buy yourself that luxury car termed and topped with extreme offers. Be careful about excessive expenditures and grab a little clarity in the existing standards.