No designer can grant you a piece of clothing that holds a pertinacious resistance to malfunctions. We have all seen celebrities hitting the headlines for their wardrobe malfunctions and devotionally prayed never to have to be in that situation. We all buy clothes online from websites like iKrush, a women’s online clothing boutique, but with every new outfit comes a responsibility to wear it decently and gracefully.

Well, the truth is wardrobe malfunctions are unforeseen predicaments that could hit anyone anywhere. Thankfully, we are always here to offer antidotes to such horrific fashion-related venom.

This blog will tackle one of the most disastrous events in the fashion world, wardrobe malfunctioning. So here are some foolproof hacks that would help you avert this gruesome crisis known to the world as a wardrobe malfunction. Reading this can save you from a lot of visually tainted embarrassing moments that hang around your heads for a long time.

Here we go:

1) Always wear the right undergarments

The worst of the malfunctions always revolve around undergarments. You are always ‘one wrong choice of undergarment’ away from a complete disaster. The most common fashion disasters happen when your bra straps and panty lines are clearly visible to the third eye. So it would be best to carefully think about what to wear underneath your dresses as much as you think about what dress you want to wear.

  • Hence it would be best if you chose bras that are comfortable and supportive.
  • Always wear the size that fits you, nothing loose or tight.
  • As for underwear, choose them according to your outfits. If you are wasting a dress that completely hugs your body go for thongs.
  • When you wear skirts or A-line dresses, you can go for boy shorts as they help you sit comfortably.
  • Choose plunge bras for deeper necklines and t-shirt bras for loose tops, and as of backless, you can go for silicon bras.

2) Wear a decent amount of deodorant to avoid pit puddles

Perspiration is a natural phenomenon; however, when you sweat profusely and form puddles all over your clothes, it just looks gross and unsanitary. Thus, it becomes imperative to water a decent amount of deodorant to avoid any sweat puddle formation on your clothes.

However, there is a downside to it. Wearing deodorant would surely help you get rid of the pungent smells of sweat, but it can also form white stains on your clothes. This is why you should wear moderate amounts of deodorant in order to avoid any white stains on your clothes and keep the sweat away.

3) Customize a wardrobe malfunction kit

A fashion emergency can strike you anywhere at any time; thus, you need to face it with courage and perseverance. The only way you can avert a fashion crisis is by creating a box that has all the necessary equipment to drive away from the crisis.

  • So here is everything you need to include in your wardrobe malfunction kit:
  • Safety pins, stitch kits, and fabric glue
  • Candles as they can fix stuck-up zippers.
  • Double-sided tape
  • Band-aids come in handy during heel blisters and also act as shoulder cushions.
  • Sweat pads
  • A piece of eraser to replace your lost earring stoppers.

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