When it comes to beauty advice, one of the most common things women search for is how to counteract the effects of aging and look younger. The signs of aging are most obvious in the skin, which can develop wrinkles and become less smooth as the years go by. Fortunately, there are simple ways to give yourself a youthful glow and be one of those women who shocks people when she tells them her age. All it takes is following the right routine and you can end up with dramatic results. Here are four tips that you can use every day.

Drink Plenty of Water

Hydration is very important for your overall health and the health of your skin. When you get enough water, your skin will look smoother, fuller and can even have a bit of a glow to it.

Many people don’t get nearly enough water, especially those who opt for other, less healthy drinks instead. The simplest way to make sure you’re drinking enough water is by always keeping a bottle with you and making sure you drink certain amounts by specific times. Start your day off with at least one large glass to immediately perk your skin up.

Use Moisturizer Every Day

There’s no better way to make your skin look smooth than by applying a moisturizer. You should do this at least once a day, or you can make it a part of your morning and evening routines for a two-a-day schedule.

There are plenty of quality moisturizers out there at just about every price point, and it’s all about finding ones that work well for your skin. You can also layer moisturizers, such as a hydrating cream followed by a denser balm, for more skin benefits.

Use Blush for a Little Extra Color in Your Cheeks

A bit of color in your cheeks can make your face look healthier, younger and fresher. You don’t want to overdo it, of course, but applying a bit of blush can make an immediate difference.

All you need to do is dust a small amount of your blush onto your cheekbones. As you do so, go upwards towards your eyes to get the desired effect—obviously without getting any blush into your eyes. Take a less is more approach, because you don’t need much to get the effect you want.

Get a Bit of Bronze

A bronzer skin tone gives you that sun-kissed appearance, making you look healthier and younger. Although you can achieve this by going out in the sun or to a tanning salon, both will do more harm than good, as those age your skin very quickly.

Instead, use some bronzer, which will do the trick without doing your skin any lasting damage. Dust bronzer on the areas of your face that would get the most sun if you were tanning outdoors, which includes your nose, cheekbones, forehead and chin. And if you spend any time outdoors in the sun, make sure you always wear a strong sunscreen to protect your skin. You can still get a tan, but your skin will be absorbing less of those harmful UV rays.

It’s never too late to start taking better care of yourself and your skin, and you don’t need to put together a lengthy beauty routine every day to get results. None of these tips will take much of your time or cost you very much, but when you use them consistently, they can all help rejuvenate your skin. You could also look into companies like NuSkin and similar businesses that have age-reversing products. You’ll be glad you got started when you see how smooth and glowing your skin is.