Garbage management can serve as a personality evaluation tool. Would you believe it? Featured below is a fun but unscientific guide to determining your personality. It’s not a complete presentation of all personality types. However, consider reading along. There’s no harm in looking deeper into yourself with the help of cues from your waste management routines.

The Commander (ENTJ)

You are a commander if you are someone who observes strict discipline in how you deal with waste. You hate to see any trash around, not even harmless clutter. You love to recycle and reuse, in line with your ENTJ trait of seeing opportunities in everything. Additionally, you are highly decisive. You carefully evaluate your options and decide on the best course of action. For example,  if you are in Deerfield Beach and you need a pile of waste materials hauled, you wouldn’t limit your junk removal service options to those around Broward County. You would consider a Boca Raton junk removal company if it offers better rates and service terms.

The Inspector (ISTJ)

Similar to The Commander, this personality entails the traits of being highly organized. However, The Inspector slightly varies in its emphasis on upholding social and cultural responsibilities. You most likely have this personality if you are faithful to the reduce-reuse-recycle principle. The desire to contribute something in conserving the environment is ingrained in you. You even come out as intimidating as you assert the need for proper waste management.

The Thinker (INTP)

As the name itself implies, you are The Thinker if you are fond of constantly gathering and analyzing information. You don’t look at garbage as useless things that should be eradicated on sight. You read what is written on them if there is any. You quickly spot not only textual but also visual information in the mundane garbage you encounter.

The Idealist (INFP)

If you hesitate to throw away your supposedly already useless things, you are likely The Idealist. You recognize sentimental value even in your garbage. Sensitivity and a free-roaming imagination are two characteristics that set you apart from others.

The Supervisor (ESTJ)

Having this type of personality can be likened to someone who desires to be viewed as a role model. The Supervisor likes to be viewed with authority, credibility, and wisdom. That’s why you try your best always to use the right ways of waste disposal in the hope that others will follow what you are doing.

The Doer (ESTP)

This personality can be described as easygoing, unconventional, and impulsive. The Doer is not necessarily averse to observing proper waste management practices. However, if you have this personality, you are less likely to be mindful of how you deal with your garbage.

The Giver (ENJF)

This charismatic personality type can be demonstrated by someone who convinces others to clean up their mess explicitly or implicitly. It could also be the other way around. The oozing charisma may be used to influence others to ignore proper waste management practices.

The Craftsman (ISTP)

If you are someone down to earth and rational, you are The Craftsman. This is the personality of those who don’t mind doing the dirty job of being responsible for the garbage sorting and disposal in the house.

So which personality do you identify with based on the list above? Again, this is not an exhaustive and scientific presentation. It’s just a playful take on personality tests and garbage management.