Business networking is an art. As an entrepreneur you are well advised to master and practice this art. In this article, you will find 10 great networking tips for you to get started. Networking is about building relationships that be sustainable and deliver mutual benefits.

The advantages of business networking are:

  • Business networking ensures that you meet the right people for your network so that you increase your influence.
  • You can promote your products and services on a very personal level. Such relationships make you stand out and get over the noise of advertisements, emails and random sales pitches. It inspires confidence and makes what you have to offer more credible.

More importantly, it helps you connect with a wider group of people with whom you can share your ideas and opportunities. Very artistic, to sail in fashionably late but a networking drink is a business deal, and should therefore be treated as such. We prefer to arrive too early to explore the battle site.  Who knows, you might meet new prospects, customers, efficient employees or even a mentor or business partner.

Tips for Business Networking

The tips from this article will help you network easier, more effectively and with more fun. Read them through, pick out the most important ones for you and most importantly use them when you network and see the results for your business.

  1. A networking event is a business meeting, so treat it that way. Be prepared and arrive on time.
  2. Being there early also has the advantage that you can speak to the host. If you have had a chance to see the list of participants, ask the host to introduce you to someone you seem to know.
  3. If you find it difficult to approach others, find someone who looks the way you feel. The other will be happy that you put him at ease and the meeting will be more pleasant for both of you.
  4. Avoid juggling plates and glasses and keep your right hand free to shake hands.
  5. A straight posture is evidence of success. Take as little as possible with it that can cause you to bend and hinder your movement.
  6. Take the initiative to introduce people to each other. People who are not good at introducing themselves will be grateful for this and it will also enhance your reputation as a good networker.
  7. Don’t just ask people about what they do. That only encourages them to say, “I’m an accountant for example.” Try, “What has been on your mind this week?” This gives them a chance to talk about something more interesting and gives you an opportunity to see if there are any problems you can help them with.
  8. Focus on helping others. What problems do you solve for your customers, or what dreams do you fulfill?
  9. Ask for permission for a follow-up conversation and send further information, so they expect it when you do.
  10. Follow-up contact is the next step in building a relationship. One phone call is not enough. Be proactive in maintaining contact.