As we go through life, many of us don’t always know exactly what we want in a partner. It’s normal to make mistakes along the way, especially if you’re the type of person who goes for somebody simply because they are hot and attractive, and not because they’re the best fit for you. Being with somebody that you’re physically attracted to has its benefits and can be a lot of fun for some time, however, in the long run, you’re ultimately going to need somebody who attracts you more than just in a physical way. You might already know that you need somebody who is faithful and trustworthy and have other qualities in mind that you know are a must for you. If you’re unsure, take a look at your horoscope to learn more about the qualities your ideal partner will have.

#1. Aries:

As an Aries, you will need someone who is multi-faceted and able to keep up with all your energy. You would easily become bored with somebody who was not willing to try all the new things that you want to do. Go for somebody who has many different interests; some of them may be in common with you, whilst others could be totally different hobbies that you’ll be able to learn more about.

#2. Taurus:

Taurus tend to dig their heels in and get very stubborn, so the ideal partner for you is somebody who is easy-going and chilled enough to balance that out. Look for a partner who is able to calm you down when you get stressed and upset, can easily go with the flow, and isn’t going to fight you at every turn. Your ideal person is somebody who’s calm, mature and trustworthy, but not boring.

#3. Gemini:

Curiosity and knowledge are two very important qualities for the Gemini, and your ideal partner is somebody who has an unquenchable thirst to learn more. You will be happiest with somebody who has several different interests and is always willing to talk to you about big ideas, interesting stories, and trivia. Check out Daily Horoscope for more Gemini predictions.

#4. Cancer:

As a Cancer, you feel lots of different emotions but aren’t always sure of the best ways to express those feelings. Your ideal partner is somebody who has a lot of empathy and is just as kind, caring and sensitive as you are. An empathetic partner will do everything that they can to avoid hurting you and will be very protective of you, which will help you bond with them.

#5. Leo:

You need a partner who is confident and outgoing; they should be self-confident enough to share the stage with you if that’s what you need, but also fine with stepping back and letting you have all the spotlight too. Competition will never be a thing with you two; you will be equals in every sense of the word.

#6. Virgo:

You can get very focused and serious, so your ideal partner is somebody who’s able to balance you out. However, your partner should be the opposite of lazy or irresponsible; you’ll want somebody who’s as reliable and meticulous as you are, but with the ability to have some fun too.

#7. Libra:

You come with enough enthusiasm and personality for two, so what you really need in a partner is somebody that you can always rely on to be there for you. Your ideal partner is somebody who you are everything to; they always put you first and you can always count on them for anything you need. You’ll trust them to never let you down and know that your happiness and health is their top priority.

#8. Scorpio:

As a Scorpio, you can find it difficult to trust, so your biggest need in a partner is somebody who is trustworthy and honest. It takes a lot for you to place your trust in somebody and having somebody break that trust can be devastating for you. You need somebody who you can rely on to never betray or be dishonest with you, no matter what the circumstances are.

#9. Sagittarius:

It’s important to you to find a mate who shares your love of adventure and exploring. Your ideal partner is somebody who is flexible and doesn’t feel that they are bound to any traditional ways of living. Overall, you’re best with somebody who loves to laugh, have fun, and live the best life that they can.

#10. Capricorn:

As a motivated and ambitious Capricorn, your ideal mate is somebody who is putting in just as much effort as you are to do well in life. The best kind of partner for you is somebody who is goal-orientated, driven, and creative. You’ll be happiest with somebody who not only puts a lot of energy into their professional and career goals, but also into their personal life and relationships.

#11. Aquarius:

Aquarius are unlike the rest and you will need somebody who is able to understand just how different and incredible your mind is. You’ll need a partner who is smart and open-minded enough to understand your big concepts and ideas when you come up with solutions to problems or try to create something completely new. Your ideal mate is somebody open-minded when it comes to relationships; they will never shut you down when they are finding it difficult to understand something but will work harder towards better comprehending it.

#12. Pisces:

As a Pisces you are naturally very creative, and your ideal partner is somebody who will encourage you to be yourself and express your unique, special personality. You will be happiest with somebody who makes you feel loved and cared for; you will never have to worry about being hurt with them. Instead, they will inspire you to be the best version of yourself and to carry on expressing yourself in whichever way you enjoy, whether it’s through art, writing, problem-solving, or whatever is it that makes you special.

What does your horoscope say about your ideal partner?