Who doesn’t love cakes…? They are one of the world’s most loved food items. If you are resisting yourself from eating cakes just because they add too many calories, then this is for you. We present you the healthy low calorie cakes. Now, you can order for your cake delivery without any hesitation and enjoy every slice of it.


Angel food cake:

  • It is characterized by its delicate and airy touch. It tastes better with tea and after meals. The European cakes heavier than the American types.
  • Baking of these cakes is never easy as the baker has to manage the egg whites perfectly to fold other dry ingredients onto it.
  • People have their own way of tasting it. A few people find it distasteful as it is spongy. A majority of people find it absolutely delicious.
  • Never ever try to handle the cake using a plain knife as it can squeeze the air out of it. Gentle sawing motion of a serrated knife can cut the cake better.
  • There are no thumb rules for the flavour variations of this cake. It is completely dependent upon the cook who makes it. However, the type of flavouring is largely dependent on the type of glaze preferred for the cake.
  • Unlike many other cakes, it is not frosted as the ice toppings can damage the cake’s light texture. The major ingredients of this cake are egg whites, sugar, flour, oil and butter.
  • The sugar quantity in these cakes can be lowered by adding other sweetening substitutes. You can serve the cake alone or with some other toppings. When you choose to top these cakes, prefer fresh fruits or whipped cream.

Cheese cake:

  • If you are thinking about the cakes gifts, this is something, which you have to consider strongly. As the name suggests, the major ingredient of this cake is the cheese. It is characterized by its creamy and rich texture.
  • Speaking technically, cheese cake isn’t a cake at all…! It is custard or a pie. In general, it is served chilled.
  • The toppings preferred for this cake are glazes, fresh fruits or often whipped cream. It is chilled for a whole day to make sure that it tastes better. So, when you wish to order a personalized cheese cake, order it at least it a day before.
  • We can obtain these cakes in different types and flavours. The New York cheese cakes are taller whereas the French made cakes are mild and light.
  • The popular cheese cake baking techniques make use of uncooked Gelatin or eggs.

If you can’t find any low calorie cakes readily, you can also create them. It is to be remembered that these cakes can be made from any existing recipes just by altering their ingredients. One of the techniques to achieve this is to substitute the butter milk or apple sauce with butter or oil. When you order for these low calorie cakes, make sure to check out the recipes followed by the bakers.