Some people treat going to the gym as though it was a fashion show. You know the type: “couture” style and branded clothes with the typical headband and a FitBit strapped to their hand. It can be tiring. No one has to look that great while working up a sweat, but who are we to judge? 

That being said, what you wear while exercising is incredibly important. If it weren’t, we would all probably be working out in jeans and t-shirts. Even if you work out alone at home, being comfortable while you exercise is paramount, and it has nothing to do with people checking you out or sizing you up at the gym. Also, if you look great, you’ll feel good about yourself and become more motivated to continue working out, and we all need a confidence boost now and then. 

If you’re looking into upgrading your workout wardrobe but still feeling a bit “meh” about the whole process, then read on for more information.

The All-Important Cut

Depending on the kind of workout you do, you should shop accordingly. For example, if you do a lot of yoga, or running and biking, then loose clothes are not advisable since they can get tangled up easily at your feet or in pedals. Form-fitting clothes made of breathable fabric are generally the way to go. According to our friends at, form-fitting clothes that are also stretchy allow more room for comfort and have moisture-wicking abilities that keep you from getting drenched in sweat after a few minutes of Pilates or cardio. How a piece of clothing is cut and made to shape your body will seriously affect your ability to work out. 

Multitasking Fabrics

Sure, you can wear a simple outfit made of rayon and nylon, but do you want to? And should you even do that? Well, probably not. The type of fabric and the ease with which they can pull sweat away from your skin as you exercise has a huge impact on your ability to work out and how you feel afterward. If you’re not wearing comfortable clothes with breathable fabrics, chances are you will skip your next workout…and the next, and the one after that. See where this is going?

If you don’t want to invest in clothes with special moisture-wicking materials, you should look into cotton, since at least it won’t tug and pull at you as you exercise, and it can keep some of the moisture away from your body.


If you are doing yoga or pilates, then you, thankfully, don’t need special shoes. However, if you bike or go running, then you know that a comfortable, durable pair of sneakers or running shoes is key. There are a ton of models available on the market nowadays at various price points. Be sure to invest in a pair that is breathable and will offer good arch support. 

After a hard workout, you are bound to feel a combination of exhaustion and elation that you managed to do it. However, the clothes you wear will affect how comfortable you are during and after your workout, and can even impede your efforts to stay healthy. Getting comfortable clothes helps circumvent all that and allows you to focus on your fitness goals.