Your Easy Guide To Choosing The Best Stain For Timber Floor!

Home renovations and remodelling are fun! However, you have to make a lot of important decisions during this house renovation project. Some of these are very fun. Like, you don’t even raise an eyebrow when selecting the new furnishings or carpet for your house. But when you have to make crucial decisions like the best paint colour for the walls or the right stain for the timber floor, you face a huge dilemma. Well, we understand that you invested loads in installing those hardwood floors. They should look admirable under all circumstances. However, since you are thinking of their renovation and staining, it means they probably have deteriorated aesthetically. Worry not! Timber staining is a fabulous idea with astounding results.

How to Choose the Best Stain for Your Timber Floor?

When you call the experts from Doncaster Floors for timber floor staining, they’ll ask for your choice of stain to use. Yes, they are the top timber floor sanders and polishing experts in the town. However, their great work depends upon your good choice, isn’t it? Now, if you want to ensure that the stain you choose stays the best, follow this guide.

  • Keep the type of wood in mind — Before you consider the ideal stain for your timber floor, study a lot about its variants. Some woods like oak look fantastic in darker tones. However, a reddish tint looks subtle on teak wood. You can view the pictures of the stained finish of the wood in your house and decide upon which would suit your surface the best. Even the experts coming to your place for wood staining would be there to help you with the decision.
  • Consider the amount of natural light that enters the room — The natural light that enters your house plays a pivotal role in choosing the ideal stain for your hardwood floors. It is because the sunlight reflects on this floor and alters its final look. Even if you don’t have natural light entering your room, consider the tones of light colours in your house. These should be looked upon when deciding on a stain for the floor.
  • Contrast or match it with the furniture and wall colour — This stained floor is an active participant in your home décor. It should either contrast the furniture and wall colour around or match it. In both circumstances, make sure you pick the best stain that looks like a natural part of the room rather than spoiling the final appeal.
  • The amount of traffic in the room — Even the amount of traffic on this floor plays a crucial role in choosing the ideal stain. If you are going for a lighter stain on your hardwood floor, be ready to clean it frequently since the foot traffic is more. But if you want a seamless feel in the space, then it is a marvellous choice. Similarly, darker tones suit such places where there are a lot of people commuting in the room. Even the cleaning complications are less when you choose darker stains in the room.

The type of décor you are looking for — Different décor styles demand distinctly stained floors. A contemporary styled decorated room would look stunning with an off white or reddish stain on the floor. On the other hand, a traditional house looks aesthetic with shades of brown, and so on.

It is amazing how just by using the right stain for your hardwood floor, you can enhance the overall beauty. We are sure you found the decision overwhelming at the start, but this guide is pretty handy. Isn’t it? With this renewed clarity, make your house look better, elegant and even perfect!