It should come as no surprise that speed cameras are specifically designed to keep the users on the road safe and thereby ensuring that the road traffic follows the overall speed limit inside accident hotspots. There are car owners out there who stray over the speed limit on an unfamiliar road and ultimately pick up a hefty fine at the end. 

If you want to stay safe and avoid any expensive fines, then speed camera detector in UK services will help you identify the speed limit on each road you drive and thereby make it easy for you to monitor your vehicle speed. The latest devices will help you keep alerted regarding everything on the road – from traffic-light cameras to police laser guns. 

The Definitive Purchasing Guide On Speed Camera Detectors

What Do You Mean By A Speed Camera Detector?

A speed camera detector is a device that is responsible for alerting you regarding the speed limits of the road that you’re approaching – helping you to stay within the said limits and maintain the correct speed. 

The device will not only make you aware regarding any speed limit in case you have missed the signs but also ensure that you’re given a warning regarding the stretch of road ahead that needs extra care and attention while driving.

How Does Speed Camera Detectors Work?

The speed camera detectors are mounted on the dashboard of your car, but there are some speed detector applications out there which can alert you through the help of your mobile phone cameras as well. Speed camera detectors will have the following functions:

  • Keep you warned about congestion zones and accident hotspots.
  • Make your alert regarding variable speed limits and fixed speed cameras.
  • Let you know about the legal speed limits.
  • Provide a bright LED display to be used in both night and day time.
  • Have the option to be updated online, which might require a subscription.

If you want to keep your speed detector device accurate and work in the right possible manner, you’ll need to update it regularly. These new updates will contain new information about new roads, hotspots and even newly established speed cameras.

Does Radar, GPS and Laser Detectors Differ?

Yes. There are indeed some major and minor differences between GPS detectors and laser/radar detectors. They are as follows:

GPS safety cameras work by holding their database on their servers. Their database consists of fixed camera locations, school locations and accident hotspots. Such detectors work by comparing your vehicle’s current GPS location with the position marked in their database servers. Thereby the device will be able to warn you when you approach these aid areas.

Laser and radar detectors, on the other hand, pick up on the frequency transmission from nearby laser or radar equipment, which are used as speed detectors by the police – helping you to provide the alert. 

Which Type Of Speed Detectors Should You Be Buying?

Couple of years ago, laser/radar speed detectors were commonly used and were proved to be extremely useful as well. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, the use of laser/radar detectors have dwindled and consumers are moving towards GPS based speed detectors. 

If you need to detect all kinds of speed cameras including fixed and mobile, you need to purchase a speed detector that incorporates a GPS database within its system. On the other hand, if you’re already using a sat-nav system in your vehicle, then adding a radar/laser detector would be the best option.