SAT is now a well-known entrance among Indian Undergraduate students. It is an entrance Examination for undergraduate students. Many international and Indian colleges now organize SAT for undergraduate admission. So, what’s the deal? Is it easy or tough/ what is the syllabus? Please read the complete article for more information.

 What Is the SAT?

SAT is a global entrance test for undergraduate students. This test is used to examine the preparation of high school pass out, students. SAT is organized in the months of March, May, June, August, October, November and December. A higher score ensures the chance of getting admission in your preferred college.

Examination Pattern and Scores

SAT is usually multiple-choice questions (MCQ) based entrance test with an optional easy section. It is for 3 hours. But if you opt for an essay then another 50 minutes is added for the essay.  SAT has three sections of 800 marks each –

  • MathEMATICS Section- A 70 MINUTE PAPER WITH 44 MCQs and 10 descriptive questions.
  • Reading Section- It is of a total of 70 minutes. It is further divided into two 25 minute section and one 20 minute section for composition reading948 marks0 and sentence completion(19 marks).
  • Writing Section-A 60 minute session made of one 10 minute section and two 25 minute section. It has sentence improvement, error identification and essay in it.

Students need to score a minimum of 600 points. The test may seem easy but it is not. There are many reputed institutions which offer SAT classes in Mumbai. SAT has total 2400 score. The total score is obtained by adding the scores of all three sections. You need to score a minimum of 600 to qualify. The highest score is 1600. The score for the essay section is separate from this. The average SAT score remains near 1060.

SAT Examination Fees

SAT costs $46. If a student opts for the essay then the cost is $60.


You need to prepare carefully to get a good score. You can enroll in any SAT classes in Mumbai.  Here are some tips

  • Early preparation is good. So, if you want to score well in SAT, start preparing before one year. This way you will get accustomed to the syllabus and question pattern.
  • If you are confused then enroll in any institution which gives SAT coaching. The teachers will help you to prepare well. You will also get expert tips and study materials from there.
  • If you have opted for self-study then it will be a little more difficult. So, do not buy many study materials. Buy one or two sets and prepare from them.
  • At first, take a mock test of yourself to know your strong and weak points and then prepare a strategy.
  • Make your English vocabulary skill stronger.
  • Memorize what you have read.
  • Keep a daily schedule and stick to it.
  • Never neglect your school study.

 Things to Be Carried

 You need to carry pencils, erasers, calculators and admit for your SAT examination.

Hence, it is clear that the SAT is very much important in the case of overseas under graduation. If an aspirant is prepared well he/she may get a good score. A good score is crucial for getting stipend and scholarships. Best of luck!