You are beautiful! And if you understand this line and are ready to flaunt your beauty, body, intelligence and talent to the world, then congrats on your decision! You have chosen modelling as a career; and as sophisticated and glamorous as it seems, modelling isn’t less challenging either! There are millions of aspiring models daily waiting to get their big break! But of course, the journey to the glam world isn’t a cake walk! But you can always take the first step right to make the journey easier and even impactful — have a great looking, killer portfolio!

The Best Guide You Could Have for a Phenomenal Modelling Portfolio!

Your portfolio is just like your resume but a bit more glamorous! They say pictures speak volumes and that’s what your portfolio is going to do on your behalf. It’s going to scream your story to the world through the impactful pictures. Ensure these are stunning to the core. Follow the below listed guide to help you influence and attract your clients with the best portfolio possible.

  • Focus on Your Type of Modelling— If you still aren’t aware, modelling can be as diverse as colours in a palette. You have to be very clear on the type of modelling work you want to do in order to create the most suitable portfolio. Are you interested in lifestyle modelling, or you like fashion shoots most, or Hollywood is your dream? Decide for yourself and keep your goals clear. This would help you create the best looks, poses and consequently a portfolio for your career.
  • Hire the Best Professional PhotographerThe most essential part of a great portfolio is pictures! Your photographer plays the most important role in creating a fabulous portfolio that speaks of who you are (and your potential too!). Be sure to hire the best professional photographer in Sydney from Evan Maclean Photography. They’ll bring out the best part of you and have it highlighted wonderfully in your portfolio to make you look sensational in it.
  • Get the Best Makeup and Hair Artist Makeup and hair is of utmost importance too in your portfolio. These artists will highlight your features in the best way and create a fabulous look. Be sure to hire a reputed and experienced makeup and hair artist to make you look ethereal.
  • Try Posing — Your poses matter in your profession. Your unique style and the way you carry yourself defines your grace, poise, posture and also portray your persona perfectly. That’s why the better you pose for your portfolio, the more impressive you look. To ensure you do your best in your photoshoot, try posing in front of your mirror and even your friends. Try smiling mysteriously just like Mona Lisa and pose dramatically just like a Hollywood star. We are sure your photographs will turn out super classy and stunning with these phenomenal poses.

When you have ticked all the above steps, don’t forget to create a super attractive portfolio website online as well along with a strong Social Media presence. Now get ready to break a leg!