Daredevil children don’t have to be an accident waiting to happen. We can find ways to reach our thrill seekers and channel their energy. We simply need to learn how to talk to them, engage them and guide them. In no time, our daredevils are confident, successful go-getters with a bright future.

Reasoning VS Lecturing

One of the first lessons we learn as parents is children need structure and stability. Daredevil children are no different, although we need to rethink our approach when they misbehave. Lecturing a risk-taking child is a waste of time, particularly when they aren’t apt to stand still and listen. Engage your child, intrigue him or her and share stories, real or fictional, showing the consequences of some behavior, thereby teaching the little daredevil regard for his or her own safety. There is always a way to get through to a child that has a provocation to engage in risky behaviors and activities.

Channel Their Energy

We all know thrill seeking children are full of energy and a willingness to go from sunrise to sundown. Rather than trying to find a way to curb that nature, we should find constructive outlets for our daredevils. One of the best ways to channel their energy is organized sports and organizations such as the Boy or Girl Scouts. Hobbies are another great way to utilize precious energy. Developing talents like music, the arts, and writing are additional ways to capture the endless energy of children. Not only are our risk-takers engaged and active, they develop their coordination and learn team working skills.

High-risk Sports

Our greatest fear as parents is our children being injured, those worries compounded by thrill-seeking little ones. Ironically, our daredevils are the very individuals drawn to high-risks sports, and the ones to suffer injuries. Our instinct is to put our foot down where extreme sports are concerned, but we should keep this in mind. Professionals, like those at McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C., know that parental guidance is the best defense against sports injuries. According to Kids and Extreme Sports, most injuries are thanks to a lack of protective gear. The key is to teach our thrill seekers the skills and knowledge needed to enjoy such sports without injury.

The Go Lifestyle

The days of vegging out and reading a book or watching television come screeching to an end with daredevil children. Our little risk takers need stimulating adventures and new experiences to satisfy their bold nature. Keep a safety leash on their thrill-seeking ways by taking them hiking, boating or exploring. Adventurous activities such as these also teach children important skills, such as problem-solving and decision-making. When children are so willing to take risks and boldly go where others don’t dare, they will benefit from and desperately need skills such as these.

When it comes to having a child with lots of energy, knowing how to properly channel that energy is incredibly important. Even if our children are risk-takers, we can still help them be safe with their high-adrenaline sports and activities. Using the proper protective gear and taking the correct precautions are both practices that can help support this.