Have you always wanted to learn how to throw an axe but were never sure where to start? It seems like axe throwing leagues are everywhere these days and their expansion shows no sign of slowing down. There’s never been a better time to get into the sport of axe throwing, and you don’t even need to commit to joining a league to pick it up. There’s an axe throwing league not far from you where you can learn the basics and hone your skills.

Axe throwing is a game that’s easy to pick up, but hard to master. Anyone coming in for an axe throwing party or a drop-in axe session will be able to learn the basics in no time, and start scoring points and landing bulls eyes. Anyone can learn how to throw an axe, and leagues like BATL (Backyard Axe Throwing League) make the sport truly accessible. Inclusiveness is one of the reasons it’s become such a popular office party and corporate team building event. Everyone can participate, even people with impaired eyesight or limited mobility, and it’s still going to appeal to those with a competitive streak.

Axe throwing leagues like BATL have started opening themselves up not just to big axe throwing parties, but also drop-in sessions on designated days. It means that you can swing by whenever you’re ready to learn how to throw an axe. Drop-in sessions work like a public skating rink; there are staff on hand to keep things flowing and offer their expertise in axe throwing, and you can come on your own, with a date, or a small group of friends. Most axe throwing leagues require you to have larger groups, like six or more, in order to book a private group event.

Going to a drop-in axe throwing session can seem a bit intimidating at first, but within no time, you’ll be able to orient yourself and start landing bullseyes. But for the uninitiated, here are a few tips aspiring axe throwers should remember:

Stance Your stance should be similar to your stance when throwing a ball, feet comfortable side by side or one ahead of the other.

Grip Grip the axe the way you would hold a hammer, hand on the shaft like you’re in a handshake. You’re going to want to hold the bottom of the shaft when you launch your axe toward the target. Holding yourself straight and your arm level, line the shaft up with the bullseye.

Throwing Once you’ve lined up, you raise your arm (or arms) behind your head, come back in a straight line, and release when your arm (or arms) is level again. For the follow through, let your arm continue in its trajectory. Most axe throwing leagues for casual throwers encourage the two-handed throw, since it’s makes aiming easier.

When you go to learn about axe throwing at BATL, you get the basics and more. Learn about the 7-point clutch that can change games and find out how the experts do it. As any axe throwing fan can attest, once you try it, you’ll have dreams of aiming for the championship. Stop by an axe throwing league and learn how to throw an axe today.