Suddenly, the end of the school year is upon us. Exams are ending, the weather is heating up and the school holidays are looming, but if you’re yet to book your summer getaway, then the last minute panic is sure to have you feeling all hot and bothered. Whilst you may fear that there is nothing left to book for you and your family, don’t worry. There are plenty of family-friendly destinations still to choose from, so rather than being stuck in a cold tent in the English countryside, here are 5 family-friendly holiday destinations you should consider instead. 


Tenerife is one of the most popular family-friendly holiday destinations in Europe. A short flight time from most European airports means that it is easily accessible and within reaching distance for most families. There is almost a near-perfect guarantee of weather, with an average high of 25º between June and August. Tenerife has plenty of family-friendly attractions to keep you and the kids entertained, including one of the best water parks in the world – Siam Park. There are also volcano excursions and whale watching which you can also enjoy. 


The Algarve in Portugal is a region full of hidden delights, full of sunny golden beaches and plenty of family-friendly accommodation to choose from. The Algarve is set by the sea, so if you want a chilled-out family holiday then it is the perfect location. Many of the beaches have won awards for cleanliness, so you can rest assured that where you do visit is fine for you and your family. Many of the regions within the Algarve are catered towards families and perhaps one of the best places to stay is Vilamoura. With stunning hotels and luxury villas Vilamoura is in the midst of everything and there are plenty of bars, restaurants and attractions to visit whilst you are in the area. 


If you want to experience bright sun-soaked shores and beaches, then Turkey is amongst the best places to experience a wonderful summer holiday. With a wide variety of destinations to choose from, there is certainly no shortage of family fun to be had, even if you do just stick to the beaches! Most people’s perceptions of Turkey have changed in recent years, with more visitors than ever visiting to get a glimpse of the stunning mountainscapes and beautiful beaches. 


If you’re looking for a great last-minute family-friendly location, then France is a great option. It’s easily accessible by plane, train, car and ferry, so no matter your travelling preferences, you’re bound to find some good last minute deals across all modes of transport. With this summer set to see record-breaking temperatures across France, there’s no better time to go and explore what the country has to offer. Whether you head to the glamour-filled French Riviera or rent out a chateau in the middle of the vast, rolling countryside, there is a holiday that is perfect for your family which is just waiting to be discovered. 


Bulgaria isn’t an obvious choice for a family-friendly holiday destination, but, there are many reasons why, if you are still searching for a holiday destination, Bulgaria should make it onto your list. The beaches are one of Bulgaria’s most-loved assets and thanks to the beautifully soft sand and clean water, they are the perfect place to do both swimming and sun lounging. Bulgaria also has a great history and the old towns are the perfect night-time locations to visit if you want to get away from the tourist resorts. Another bonus is that Bulgaria is excellent value for money, making it suitable for all families no matter your budget and last year, the country reported record numbers of tourists, showing it’s vibrancy.