yakezieHi everyone. A few months back, I bumped into a network, a blog network to be precise. I went through a few posts and a few threads in the forum. To my disappointment, I found that the network is for blogs catering to personal finance and lifestyle niches only. Well, I wished my blog could become a part of this network. But later I concluded my blog would be summarily turned down since it does not pertain to the subjects Yakezie network is probably built for.

Just a thought again oneday, “Why not ask the members about the likelihood of my blog being taken into their network?” I registered and started a thread with the question if my blog on life and every aspect of life could be welcomed in Yakezie. Surprisingly received very good and positive responses from the generous members, for which the network is known for. But still, I couldn’t convince myself since the thread did not have a post from any of the moderators or the admin. With sheer curiosity I mailed Sam, the site admin, asking the same question. To my liking, he assured my blog would be taken into the network. 🙂

With excitement and delight, I’d like to announce that I have taken up the Yakezie Challenge today. Following all other conditions, I believe I can successfully break the benchmark of 200k in Alexa ranking (blog’s current Alexa ranking is 392,479) in the 6 month period and have a regular participation in the forum discussion taking help from other members and helping others to the best of my capability, and be included in the permanent membership.

I shall look forward to making most of the opportunities to interact with the network members, discussing issues with respect to my blogs and others’, assisting new members in the network and importantly, making my blog’s readers happy with the site content.

Thank you very much for taking us into your network.


Kalyan & Munmun

PS: Munmun is the Co-editor of this blog.