If you’re one of the people who has never been on a yacht, let alone owned one, you probably don’t know a lot about them. Yachts are a luxury usually enjoyed only by the most financially successful in the world. They can range from a couple hundred thousand dollars (If they’re used and you’re lucky) to a whopping 1 billion dollars. Now that is a big impulse buy.

We could do on about how yachts that only cost a couple hundred thousand buckaroos, but that’s not very fun. Here are some of the most luxurious and expensive yachts in the world, complete with tennis courts and ocean floor views.

You Could Have A Yacht Island

Why go to Hawaii when you can take the island with you? Yes. This is real. A company out of the United Kingdom designed a concept that allows those who would like it, to have an island on their yacht. The yacht is complete with guest cabanas right by the pool. If you’re the owner, you get to sleep in a luxury sweet that looks like a volcano. Talk about turning up the heat.

You Could Have the Megatron of Yachts

Transformers aren’t just for boys and cars. They really exist. Julien Anglade designed a boat that transforms into a yacht several times it’s original size. Once on the open sea, the hull of the yacht folds open to create a massive surface area for entertaining or just lounging around.

Not only does this yacht look like a spaceship when it unfolds, it’s also environmentally friendly and creates some of it’s own energy through some sort of futuristic cellular transfer. The yacht is modern in design, and the railings are translucent as to not inhibit anyone from seeing any of the ocean views at any given point in time.

The “If You’ve Got They Money, Why Not?” Yacht

While the yachts mentioned above are only concepts, this next yacht is about to become the real deal. The king of all yachts has yet to find an owner, but that doesn’t mean the world can’t appreciate it for what it is. The most expensive yacht in the world, cashes in at over 1 billion dollars and features a Monaco theme. It’s basically a floating replica of places like the Monte Carlo Casino and Hotel de Paris.

The yacht is 500 yards long and is complete with a go-kart course on the deck, a helicopter pad that doubles as a sports court, and a swim up jacuzzi bar.

While yachts are really fun to dream about, who could imagine having to be responsible to take care of the maintenance on one of those things? At least if you own a yacht, you probably can just hire the professionals to do the dirty work for you. With all that time on the water, your pretty investment is gonna need a new paint job. It’s all about keeping up appearances, after all.