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Workplace Style: How to Mix Fashion and Professionality

It’s always nice to infuse your individual style into everything you do. Whether you’re building your wardrobe, crafting your home decor, or choosing your next new car, your personal style shines through in your choices. 

When it pertains to the workplace, it might be easy to play it safe in order to be agreeable. While you should always remain respectful of the workplace setting you’re in, there are ways to mix fashion and professionalism. Think about the following tips.

1. Play with Patterns and Prints

If you’re afraid to bring prints and patterns into the workplace, start with some classic patterns like plaid and houndstooth. Pick out a pair of plaid pants or a houndstooth skirt in simple colors like black, navy blue or forest green. 

Pair the pattern with the same solid color everywhere else. If you work in a medical facility where you need to wear scrubs, find out if you can wear different prints and patterns. Not only will the perfect patterns make you stand out, but they’re also tons of fun. Keep an eye out for interesting Grey’s Anatomy women’s scrubs.

2. Pair Your Style with Classic Professional Pieces

If you’re in a workplace setting that doesn’t frown on dressing down a bit, try to mix things up. If you’re a lover of graphic tees, purchase a few pairs of tailored pants in solid colors. Purchase an awesome black blazer. Get it tailored to fit you perfectly. Wear your graphic tees with your blazer and a great pair of pants. You’ll still pull off a professional look while infusing your personal style.

3. Create a Strong Fashion Statement with Jewelry

Accessories are interesting, unique, and versatile. They’re excellent for creating a fashion statement in the workplace. If you’re wearing a simple black dress, pull out your favorite statement necklace or a stunning pair of hoop earrings. 

The key is to make sure the look remains appropriate for the workplace. If bright colors are welcomed, purchase a bunch of earrings in your favorite colors. You can wear them throughout the week with their respective outfits.

4. Consider an Understated Look

Honestly, strong fashion statements are much easier to digest when they’re made with clean and precise execution. In order to achieve clean, precise execution, it’s best to focus on developing a consistently understated look. When the look is understated, there aren’t any conflicting color schemes or patterns. 

If you like to mix prints together, you’ll need to know how to execute it perfectly in order for it to work. Otherwise, keep things simple by maintaining a clean palette by using one or two colors as the main canvas. 

Then, infuse your style through one or two complementary pieces. A great example might be a denim button-down shirt paired with a black pencil skirt. Instead of wearing a black pair of pumps, use this as a chance to infuse your style by wearing an interesting pair of pumps in a style or color that you like. Tie the look together by wearing a piece of jewelry that complements the shoes. You’ll still maintain a professional look while infusing your own personal style.

5. Use Color to Your Advantage

Please note that black, white, and brown are colors you can use in your fashion arsenal. Though there are plenty of people who will discourage the inclusion of those options, they are the most classic options. 

If you’d like to play around with other colors as well, it’s a great idea to experiment with monochromatic outfits in your favorite colors. If you love pink, try wearing a pink tailored skirt with a pink blouse. Keep in mind that they don’t have to be the same shade of a specific color. You can wear a peony pink skirt with a magenta blouse. 

If you plan to wear a monochromatic outfit in a bright color like pink or yellow, it’s best to downplay your accessories. Try to stick with accessories in metals like silver, bronze, or gold in order to create balance. A nude-colored shoe will make the entire outfit come together.

Fashion is a lot of fun to play with and enjoy. If you’re nervous about executing the perfect look, plan your looks in advance. It’s okay to lay your clothes out the night before. You’ll feel more polished and prepared for the following workday. Have fun enjoying your fashion-forward yet professional looks.

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