Google Glass is a type of technology that is wearable and is mounted on the head, featuring an optical display which gives information and data to the person wearing it in a smartphone like and hands-free manner. Almost all of the technologies that are available in smartphones today are present in this new technology called Google Glass, (Wi-Fi, voice activation, Bluetooth, cameras, etc.).  The main difference is that how we are going to relate to this new invention when all these attributes are present in our peripheral vision.  Below is an outline of how the Google Glass has transformed the health sector.

  1. Data access

I do not think that there is anything that is simpler than going into a hospital room and finding the necessary and up to date information about a given patient displayed automatically at the corner of the eye. It is well known as Google Glass vision. So far it has been of help in surgical procedures. It eliminates the bother of turning around and looking at the computer monitor during surgical procedures.

  1. Hands-free features lead to clean hands.

This wearable technology for example glass reduces the necessity for professionals to come into contact with devices after or before dealing with patients. Keyboard, smartphones, and other electronic devices that are often used have proven to be carriers of very harmful bacteria. With the incorporation of kinetics in this technology, surgeons, and other professionals are capable of selecting and modifying data on the screen with movement sensors like just waving the hand in front of the screen.

  1. Minimizing errors

Basic human errors, reduction of concentration in healthcare could lead to very tragic outcomes. Nurses and doctors are often overworked, and this is why alerts and reminders are installed in the google glass for health workers with a tiresome schedule. When giving pills to patients, the nurse will scan the bar code and compare and contrast with the patient’s record in front of them. Recommended dosage and their instructions will also be displayed. Thus this will prevent any catastrophic mistakes thus ensuring the security of the health of any patient.

  1. Specifically for patients

Similar to smartphones with basic functions and additional applications, Google Glass has glassware. The wearers of this google glass might display something helpful like yoga class video, extremely helpful when performing stretches that need a user to take the eyes off the screen. Glassware could be very beneficial to the physically challenged people. Google glass could inform a partially sighted person if they are holding a can of soup or cereals or even read a context.

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With this type of inventions, the health care sector is going to be revolutionized completely thus improving the quality of health services offered to patients.