If you work outside the home, you know that it can be hard to keep an eye on your children until the day is over. Sometimes, it seems like the best thing to do is to find a job that allows you to stay home with them or not work at all. However, if you need to have the income that only an outside job provides, there are a few ways that you can parent your children from your desk.

Find a Neighbor

If there are neighbors who are home when your children are there, ask if one of them can watch the house until you can get home. Your neighbors can make sure your kids get off the bus in the afternoon and ensure that there isn’t anything odd taking place around the home. Give your children the phone number of a few neighbors in case there is an emergency. Of course, you should never let your children have full run of the house unless they are old enough and responsible enough to be left on their own. Age 9 or 10 might be a good time to be allowed to come home from school and have the house to their self. Otherwise, arrangements should be made for younger children to have adult supervision

Hire a Nanny

An option that you might want to consider, especially if you have younger children at home, is hiring a nanny like those from Abracadabra Brighton Domestic Agencies. Find a nanny who can offer references and who has experience with children of all ages. A professional service can often help with finding a nanny in your area who is reliable. When you find someone to watch your children, ask that text messages with pictures be sent to you throughout the day so that you can monitor what your children are doing. Also, it might be a good idea to have the nannies that you consider meet your children and see how they respond to each other. Make sure that you choose the person that both you and your children are most comfortable with. This will help ease the minds of everyone involved.

Install Cameras

There are cameras that you can install in the home that will allow you to view the inside and outside of the house from your computer or phone. You can set the camera system to alert you and emergency officials if any kind of trouble arises. Security cameras allow you to view what your children do anywhere in the home. If they are doing anything that they shouldn’t be, you can call the home or call someone who can go to the home to handle the issue.

Use Phone Apps

There are quite a few apps for your phone that can monitor the activities that take place inside the home. Some of them will only monitor movements or details that are set off by electronics. Others can be linked to a computer system that will allow you to view what takes place inside the house.

Monitoring your children while you’re at work is easier than ever with all the latest technology. Ask for help from neighbors and professionals who specialize in caring for children. Find a balance that works for your family so that you can continue to work.