It’s during winter that you feel entirely hopeless towards your lawn! Because you know it’s winter and your greens would have turned white with snow already! But what about the efforts that you put into your lawn to make it look greener each day, all round the year? Would this winter destroy that fresh charm of your lawn and leave it extremely barren and unkempt again? And you’ll have to go through the entire procedure of rejuvenating and maintaining it again?

If you ask most people about saving your lawn from this winter threat, they’ll all tell you that your hopes are perhaps too high.. Though they are right to some extent, you have to prepare for the upkeep of your lawn beforehand, to keep it alive perennially. But even if you start the process of caring for it after the fall, it’s ok and can work too. Its better you did this maintaining immediately at the beginning of winter to let your grass stay intact until the next spring.

Ways in which you can save your lawn even though it would be covered with snow!

Just because you have got a blanket of snow over your green grass doesn’t mean that your grass under it is dead as well. It can live and retain its beauty soon after the temperatures rise up again! How? By proper care and some preparations done to protect it. Follow the below guidelines to protect your greens against the white and help them stay beautiful and lush always!

Get it professionally mowed — It’s very crucial to get your lawns mowed during the spring or during fall, even if you missed doing so before. Even after the first snowfall, you can get it mowed. But it’s an essential step that shouldn’t be missed at all if you want your lawn to stay green ever after the winters are over. But, since you are going to have a huge gap between the next sessions of mowing (after the chill is over), better get it done thoroughly through a professional company like Select Lawn Mowing offering lawn mowing in Tauranga within the best price and guaranteeing great results. The expert touch and highly efficient technique along with latest and upgraded equipment are going to give your lawn the best mowing treatment, which would benefit it for longer. 

Cut down on water supply or keep a longer gap between it — Depending on your location, your lawn may not require water at all during the change in climate. Even if it’s still time till the first snow, lawns in winter shouldn’t be watered much. Just sprinklers will do occasionally.

Keep it aerated — With digging holes of a few inches throughout your lawn, you can well prepare it for the chilled temperature. This would provide enough nutrients from the soil to the grass and help it stay alive even though there would be a thick layer of ice on top of it during winter.

Fertilise it without fail — Just before the onset of winter, make sure you are deeply fertilising your lawns. Fertilising brings significant nutrients back into the soil, along with the chemical compounds like nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium and many other things. This would help the grass to get enough nourishment needed in the upcoming cold months. This way, they can easily survive even in the chill. But always remember, being overwhelmed with the need of keeping it intact for months doesn’t mean you need an overdose of fertilisers. This can affect the grass badly and should be avoided. 

Application of cool weather seeds — There are these cool weather seeds which can be added to the soil during the fall and even at the onset of winter months. These distinct seeds have the tendency to survive even in colder climates; this ensures that you’ll have living grass even after the snow melts away. Application of these seeds will ensure your yard stays lush and green all year round. 

Rake the lawn — The last but extremely essential step you can take to protect your lawn longer is — raking it. Raking eradicates the leaves and twigs, which prevents sunlight from reaching the grass, from the lawn. This would keep the lawns tidier and also prevent rodents from nesting.

Your lawns demand extra care to prepare them perfectly for the winter. Be sure to let them have that extra care so that you can enjoy the privilege of watching it beautiful even after snow bids adieu!