The main character Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) a high school student is forced into a world of the supernaturally savage in the hit series Teen Wolf. This show is nothing like some of us remember in the cult classic movie with Michael J Fox (circa 1985). This show takes a deeper and darker turn as far as the storyline is concerned. Scott McCall is your average student trying to make his way through the hierarchy which is high school. In that respect it’s very relatable, we all certainly remember High school and the ups and downs therein.

One night during a stroll in the woods Scott is bitten by a ferocious creature and his whole universe is changed permanently. He later finds out it was a werewolf that bit him. As soon as he figures out for sure what has happened to him, he finds out he isn’t the only strange thing lurking about in his hometown of Beacon Hills. He has to cope with teen age life and the life of a werewolf. His best Friend Stiles helps him along the way, stiles is instrumental in a lot of Scott’s adventures so be prepared to see and hear his name a lot. Their relationship is very brotherly I like how they interact.

There are other characters that come into play as the show evolves. Lydia (Holland Roden) a banshee, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) a mysterious werewolf with a shady past, Jackson (Colton Haynes) the school bully, and Kira (Arden Cho) a fox spirit who becomes Scott’s second love interest. Eventually it’s revealed there are a lot of odd and unusual beings residing in Scott’s sleepy little town of Beacon Hills. Scott fights between his humanity and the beast swelling within him. The back and forth between his old life and new life will hold your attention.

Each episode is a building block to something bigger, more sinister. I found this show to be suspenseful and unpredictable, I dislike being able to figure it all out. The writing and dialogue is on point, you can tell they put work into the story. There is a ton of butt kicking action in this show. Some twightlight-esk teen drama as well, but not so much to where it’s cheesy. I am into werewolves and zombies, etc. so this was an absolute treat to view. There is a love story inside all the carnage and mystery Between Scoot and his High School crush Alison. (First love interest) Their romance is super steamy. Alison (Crystal Reed) has her own secrets most of them she doesn’t even know about. Everyone in Beacon Hills has some sort of ties to the supernatural. Yes it’s that kind of show; you won’t be bored that is for sure. It’s so much packed in, if you get up to use the bathroom or blink; you may miss something“http://watchseries.It/serie/teen_wolf”. The story is cohesive and plays into your curiosity of what will happen next?